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4 Little-Known Ways to Spot Fake Designer Clothes Right Away

To increase profits and attract customers' attention, mass-market brands cannot stop copying designer clothing and accessories. It was very easy to spot the counterfeits immediately, but now some replicas are of such high quality that it is almost impossible to distinguish them from the originals.

Newpost put together a list of things to check before buying designer clothes, if you want to be sure of their quality.

1. Timberland shoes

4 Little-Known Ways to Spot Fake Designer Clothes Right Away

Its caramel colored sole should look a bit transparent if you take a closer look. The company logo and brand name must be printed on the sole. The line between the heel and the sole should be almost invisible and flat.

The logo must be printed on the heel on the outside of the shoe. Its lines must be uniform, clear and perfectly straight.

The shoe eyelets should look like a hexagon located precisely on the outside of the shoe. There are 7 of them in male models and 6 hexagons in female models.

The thread color for all shoe stitches must be white. If there are several stitches together, they must be strictly parallel.

2. Pandora bracelets

Little-Known Ways to Spot Fake Designer Clothes Right Away

The color of the original silver bracelet should be a little faded. It should not be too light or shiny - the manufacturer uses an oxidizing technology that gives Pandora products a unique color.

New Pandora bracelets should hold their shape perfectly and hardly ever bend. You should also be able to clearly see the texture on it.

The clasp on genuine Pandora bracelets should be approximately the same size as the charms. There should be an inscription on the front of the clasp that says "Pandora" with a crown on top of the "O".

Inside the buckle you will find a special clasp that looks like a cloverleaf and consists of a small four-headed screw. Its main purpose is to securely hold the bracelet on the wrist. The buckle must also have a mark indicating the purity of the silver and within it a factory seal.

Pandora charms have an engraving of the brand's name and a label indicating the metal from which they are made. Murano charms should not have chips, cracks, or air bubbles inside.

3. Levi's Jeans

Little-Known Ways to Spot Fake Designer Clothes Right Away

The denim from which the original Levi's jeans are made should have a visible diagonal pattern that looks the same on the front and back of the jeans.

The back pockets of the original jeans should have a two-line pattern that resembles an eagle's beak.

All Levi's jeans have a soft leather patch on the back of the waist above the right pocket. The patch must have the Levi's logo and logo and indicate the jeans size and model number. There should also be an image of drivers trying to rip jeans.

The small Levi's label on the right back pocket of the jeans is usually red, but it can also be a different color, depending on the model. The tab should have the brand name and sometimes a registration mark: ®.

The original buttons will always be adorned with "Levi Strauss" on the front and there will be a number stamped on the back. The screws should also have the brand name on the outside and the model number on the inside.

4. Lacoste polo shirts

Little-Known Ways to Spot Fake Designer Clothes Right Away

This Lacoste alligator must be very detailed. You should be able to see his eyes, his teeth, his feet, and his red jaw. The body of the crocodile should be light green with the tail parallel to the back.

On the back of the polo neck (inside the shirt), there should be a white label with the logo and a red number indicating the size. In men's models, the size is indicated by one number and in women's models there must be two.

Fine details can reveal a fake Lacoste polo shirt. For original Lacoste clothing, the manufacturer uses two-hole mother-of-pearl buttons without inscriptions. Replica manufacturers often forget about this and use 4-hole buttons.

There are small cuts about 0.4 inches deep at the bottom of men's polo shirts. The female models do not have cuts.

Do you buy branded clothes or prefer cheaper alternatives? What is more important to you: the price of the product or its quality?