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How do I obtain financing from non-banks?

Personal finance companies

How do I obtain financing from non-bank , banks are not the only ones responsible for financing banks, there is financing from people and institutions other than banks, we will know who can finance your project and give you a loan other than banks

How do I obtain financing from non-bank

Many people who grant loans to youth finance would like to, to obtain financing you have to look on the Internet for people who finance projects, there are people and entrepreneurs who finance technical projects and others finance projects related to the field.

To answer the question of How do I obtain financing from non-bank, you need to develop a plan that you can then convince others to fund your project. Present your project to an entrepreneur and present a feasibility study and you will see the results. The condition is that it is a good and feasible project.

Office giving loans

The office that gives loans has become an autonomous project, since people who have money and do not know in which field to trade, make an office that gives loans to people who are looking for someone to finance their projects.

These companies obtain collateral such as checks or security bonds, and the collateral can be project possession papers. The offices that grant loans are distinguished by the fact that they do not require you to invest, and they do not impose restrictions on you as long as you agree to return the money with interest.

Personal finance companies

  • Aside from the banking sector, there are many personal finance companies that rank second after the banking sector in the field of project finance.
  • These companies have a good level of financing the project with good capital, offering adequate benefits and high liquidity.
  • There are personal finance companies that have great flexibility in the payment of installments and the postponement of the first installment until the project materializes, the financing companies seek to provide the means of financing together with the banks.
  • The credit market also allows all projects to be financed through companies that provide financial leasing, and there are companies specialized in debt collection and the collection of profits from investors.

Banks finance differently

There are banks that provide financing in a different way than the traditional form of banks, since banks have different types, there are depository banks that grant traditional loans, and there are banks that specialize in development and investment, and there are banks that finance in a different way. different. and share your activity.
Project Participation Loans are completely different from cash loans and non-cash loans as partnership loans are based on a specific project, the loan applicant presents the project and bank finances after accepting the project.

International finance corporation

The International Finance Corporation grants loans to people on the condition that the subject is studied and the project is studied and presented to a specialized committee, and it is verified that the project is successful and profitable and brings benefit to the community, not only to your owner.

The International Finance Corporation also finances projects aimed at state development and infrastructure development, although obtaining project financing from the International Corporation is difficult, but not impossible, if you have a great idea, you will definitely get financing.

Personal loan without salary transfer

  • There are many financing options available to you, and we will offer you the option of obtaining financing without salary, as some banks want to transfer salaries to guarantee the repayment of the loan, and financial institutions also want this as a kind of guarantee.
  • There are many who work in the liberal professions who cannot transfer salary, and there are some employees in private companies who are not accepted and not approved in many banks, which makes them a barrier to borrowing, and here we need a solution.
  • The solution is to resort to loans without salary transfer. A person can give a personal loan without salary transfer for certain products, such as when the financing is for the purchase of cars or the financing for the purchase of a property, and the loan is without salary. to transfer.
  • There is also financing without salary transfer through the current account of the investment fund or investment portfolio, it is also possible to obtain a basic loan with salary transfer, and obtain other financing in addition to the basic financing without salary transfer.

Financing with salary transfer or without salary transfer

When obtaining a loan, the person requesting the loan is confused whether to obtain financing by transferring the salary or without transferring the salary, because in each type of them, whether from a bank or a finance company, they need to know the conditions and know the benefits and required costs.

In general, no-pay transfer financing has many conditions and many restrictions, although no-pay financing is considered one of the most important financing solutions in many cases.

Conditions to obtain a loan without salary transfer

Banks and financial institutions establish a good number of guarantees and a set of conditions for obtaining a loan without salary transfer to guarantee the payment of the loan and interest, the conditions vary according to the circumstances of the client as follows:

  • Among these conditions is that financing without salary transfer has a minimum salary to be able to provide a certificate of base salary, incentives and proof of income.
  • The minimum acceptable wage requirement varies depending on the sector in which the loan applicant works, if he works in the government or in a semi-government sector than if he works in the private sector.
  • The private sector must be approved by the bank.
  • When the loan is without salary transfer, the annual profit rate of the financial institution increases.
  • There will be an increase in monthly installments in the case of an interest-free loan.
  • The repayment term is reduced.