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The all-new Chevrolet Tahoe range offers a unique lifestyle for all types of lifestyles

Chevrolet designers have distinguished themselves by their ingenuity when it comes to redesigning a vehicle that is a true icon, something that is not easy, since that process generally faces many challenges. However, the legendary Chevrolet Tahoe for 2021 has undergone a complete redesign to carry the old legacy it enjoys and into a new era, building on what Middle Eastern customers love best, to elevate it to higher levels and make the vehicle better than before.

Exterior design

Chevrolet Tahoe

The length of the Chevrolet Tahoe has been increased by 12.5cm, providing more room for passengers and allowing for clever design touches, so the all-new vehicle for 2021 is now bigger, better, and bolder. It has the usual sporty stance with bolder dimensions and a stronger-looking body.

The 2021 models across the range offer a unique and distinct symbiosis between grilles, mirror housings, LED headlights, logos, fascias, utility sills, wheels, as well as other design aspects that are tailored to each customer's requirements.

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Exterior colors

Tahoe and Suburban come in nine different exterior colors, including luxury options and four all-new colors that launched in the region in 2021, and among these: 3 metallic colors: metallic beige, metallic dark blue and metallic gray, plus a Elegant. dark red that aims to enhance the striking Tahoe design and its presence more on the road, as well as being a reflection of the different personality of the vehicle owner.

Four different classes

Up to four different trim classes are available for the new Tahoe and Suburban for 2021, giving customers more options to find the vehicle that perfectly matches their personality and lifestyle.

From the standard LS trim segment to the top LT, to the top trim class at the top in comfort and the Z71 with its legendary off-road capabilities, each model has a more dynamic appearance thanks to its newly engineered design.

Tahoe Z71 comes as a standalone team class for the first time ever

Chevrolet Tahoe 2021

Chevrolet's legendary Z71 family of off-road adventures has been a driving force in the design of the new SUV, be it in looks or capabilities. In this context, the Z71 series shines with more unique features in both form and performance than ever before.

Consequently, the Z71 has a striking front grille with glossy black accents, a dark crossbar, and a black logo, so the Z71's front fascia not only expresses durability and robustness, but also has a higher approach angle. to improve off-road capabilities.

Four-wheel drive (4WD) is a standard feature with a two-speed gearbox combined with advanced Hill Descent Control technology. There are also the exclusive 20-inch wheels, off-road tires, underbody protection panels and dedicated tow links in red.

Improving the look in every corner of the Tahoe Premier

The Premier model is distinguished by an expressive all-chrome grille with a gold badge. This model features 22-inch polished aluminum wheels, full-function exterior mirrors that fold out electrically, and a two-spoke exhaust with dual edges. There are also illuminated power assist steps and side rails for loading luggage.

The Tahoe and Suburban are an integral part of the automotive culture in the Middle East and have a rich history in the region. The Suburban is a full-size SUV with the longest sales period, and in doing so it emphasizes that the extra-large size is certainly a preferred feature. The Suburban has been specifically designed to provide a first-class premium experience, while providing a sense of elegance and sophistication from the moment the driver sits behind the leather-wrapped steering wheel.