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Toyota is the best automotive brand in Saudi Arabia for the year 2021

Toyota is the best automotive brand in Saudi Arabia for the year 2021

YouGov Brand Index, an international market research and data analytics company, announced in its global automotive ranking for 2021 that Toyota was ranked first as the best automotive brand in Saudi Arabia, thanks to its long and long heritage in this sector.

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The ranking highlighted the best performing brands in the automotive sector, based on results related to the YouGov Brand Index, which measures the overall performance of the brand taking into account customer perceptions of quality, value and reputation. Of the brand.

Regarding this honor, Munir Khoja, General Manager Marketing Communications for Abdul Latif Jameel Motors, said: “We are pleased that (Toyota) is ranked first as the best automotive brand in the Kingdom. The forward-looking and collaborative approach between (Toyota) and (Abdul Latif Jameel Motors), seeing our guest-based business first, has helped Toyota consolidate its position at the forefront of brands operating in the automotive sector for more two decades. Our commitment to continuous improvement has contributed to earning (Toyota) the trust of our customers in Saudi Arabia, who consider it the most popular brand of all time.

The excellent reputation of Abdul Latif Jameel Motors in the Kingdom has enabled Toyota to meet various mobility requirements efficiently. In light of the focus on personalizing the guest experience and providing modern and advanced mobility solutions to enrich people's lives, Toyota has strengthened its commitment to meeting the Saudi Vision 2030 goals to ensure comprehensive and sustainable mobility in the Kingdom.

The first place in the YouGov ranking reflects the distinctive value provided by Abdul Latif Jameel Motors, which confirms the company's commitment to empowering the people of the Kingdom by providing them with the tools and solutions necessary to make the most of emerging opportunities and the process of transformation.