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Ramadan 2021: Important information for you if you are going to buy a car during this month

Offers in Saudi Arabia and Offers in UAE

It is customary every year for car companies to offer many deals on their car during the blessed month of Ramadan, in order to motivate people to switch cars and buy new versions, in addition to a large number of People like to change their car and offer a gift to one of their relatives on the occasion of the holidays. So what's new this year about Ramadan offerings? Is Ramadan 2021 the right thing to buy a new car and why?

Car Offers

Some believe that in the wake of the crises the world has faced this year, in addition to the spread of the Covid 19 epidemic and the collapse of many sectors, including auto sales, it is believed that agents of automotive companies do not they will do it. bidding this year to preserve their profits, as well as to prevent companies from adopting a method. Big Sale, Little Profit ”due to low demand for new cars.

In fact, whoever adopts this idea should know that they are wrong, the large car dealerships have made numerous offers and incentives to their customers.

Offers in Saudi Arabia

In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, several companies have lowered the prices of their cars, as well as some of them did not adopt the idea of ​​discounts, preferring to provide payment facilities through the possibility of comfortable installments for those who wish to change. your cart.

For example, the Al-Asaei company offered discounts of up to 30%, while the First Advanced Motors company offered facilities such as buying a car without a down payment, in addition to other facilities. As for the cars of Muhammad Yusef Naghi Group and MG Saudi, they preferred to adopt comfortable quotas.

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offers in the United Arab Emirates

We can't deny that there are some major car deals in the UAE, but they are not as strong as the deals in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Some companies gave incentives, including Al Arabia Motors, which made deals on Renault cars, including "Koleos," "Duster," "Symbol," and "Megane," as well as offering deals on Nissan and Infiniti cars.

Finally, the most important of all is that if you are going to buy a car you must make sure of all the offers and choose the one that best suits you and the budget you set.