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Malath insurance company against third parties in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Malath insurance company against third parties in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

A fine for not having insurance in Saudi Arabia

The Saudi General Traffic Department has introduced a number of new laws and regulations, and among these regulations is the work to enforce a violation of the lack of insurance in Saudi Arabia, and that there is a major violation of the lack of insurance. such as sanctuary insurance against third parties, and this issue caused insurance companies to launch campaigns to insure cars against third parties, and this generated a large demand for the purchase of third party insurance Malaz Online 2020.

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The Malath third party auto insurance company has worked to launch a campaign to buy third party insurance through it at the best prices, and this campaign came with the announcement of the General Administration on the date of imposing a violation of the fault insurance in the car in Saudi Arabia, so there was a demand by the Saadians to complete their legal affairs through the Purchase of car insurance, and from this point of view, Malath Company launched a campaign to buy Malath insurance against online third parties.

Buy Malath third party insurance online

Now citizens and residents can buy Malath insurance against others online, and this matter is based on the great responsibility that Malath has assumed due to the spread of the Corona virus, and to protect people from infection I have worked for provide the opportunity to citizens. and residents to insure the car against others online through the Malath car insurance app. It's an app that helps you secure your car and buy insurance electronically, without bothering to go to the Malath Car Insurance Company headquarters, and there was one cool feature. that everyone could insure the car electronically through the Malath app.

Malath car insurance application against third parties

Malath Insurance Company launched its own application, which is the Malath Insurance application or the Malath Insurance program, and its mission is to work on the issuance and purchase of a car insurance policy in its entirety through its own Malath Insurance application, and from this point of view, Malath's insurance shopping service is available in the application, and anyone can go for car insurance, in order not to impose a violation for lack of car insurance, to speed up the download of the application of Malath Insurance through the following link, click here.

Malath rates for third party auto insurance

After the non-insurer infringement enforcement date was announced on the car, insurance companies began to pitch auto insurance prices against others, and from here Malath released Malath's price for auto insurance against others , as it was considered one of the best insurance rates compared to others in Saudi Arabia AND there was a lot of demand for car insurance at Malath Insurance Company, and this matter is due to the good price compared to other prices of different companies in Saudi Arabia , and here are Malath Insurance's prices versus others on cars in Saudi Arabia:

  • The price of third party car insurance in Malath is 1245 SAR.
  • Malath third party auto insurance price for comprehensive insurance is 8,147 SAR.

Here, we note that many insurance companies have launched new rates such as Malath Company, but Malath distinguished itself by the fact that it launched the purchase of Malath insurance against others online, and it is now available for everyone to login to download, download and install the Malath Insurance application to take out insurance against third parties and work on the issuance of an insurance policy electronically, without having to visit the headquarters of the Malath Insurance Company, and as we do not forget that there are many companies that followed the Example of Malath issuing a car insurance application in front of third parties and electronically, knowing that the violation of not having car insurance will be enforced on July 22, 2020.