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Saudi Arabian breakfast: a unique experience

Saudi Arabian breakfast: a unique experience

Doctors and health experts strongly recommend a healthy breakfast because it is like the fuel that the body's engine needs to function and survive today. Breakfast must be the best and most relaxing meal of the day.

The basic daily breakfast in most hotels in the city is continental or oriental and American breakfast with milk, tea, coffee, corn chips, eggs and bread.

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However, to get the best taste of Arabic food, especially Saudi breakfast, it is necessary to visit Habsburg restaurant, Rosewood Corniche, which offers a Saudi-style breakfast that is nutritious and distinctive of Arabic cuisine.

Rosewood Executive Chef Maurizio explained that they invite guests to breakfast with an Arabic twist; To start with the very important and simple breakfast dishes, including disgusting, balila, flatbread prepared in the saj oven and served with thyme, white goat cheese, labneh, grape leaves, falafel, fresh honey, homemade date jam , eggs (boiled, fried). , boiled, etc.), pancakes, waffles, pastries and fruits Fresh, green and black olives, thick cream cheese made by filtering yogurt through cheesecloth and then sprinkling it with olive oil, to be consumed with pieces of hot loaf bread between sips of Turkish coffee or sweet tea in an Arabic atmosphere with background music.

Flatbread with thyme, a mixture of thyme, salt, sumac, sesame seeds and eggs, was prepared in front of guests by Saudi chef Adel Ateeq and Lebanese chef Hassan Ahmad Faqih to order, enhancing the complete experience of an Arabic breakfast. .

Arabic breakfast differs in many ways from European or continental cuisine, including a number of healthy dishes such as regular bread with labneh, thyme, stink medammas, homemade jams, hummus, dahl, halawa (a traditional Saudi soft dessert), falafel , scrambled. Eggs or Forkshka - A type of Saudi egg mixed with traditional yellow mint tea, Turkish coffee, Al-Sada's, or traditional Arabic coffee.

Hummus is very popular for breakfast because it makes a great and nutrient-dense snack made with olive oil, salted chickpeas, lemon, and tahini.

Foul is also a very popular breakfast food among Arabs and expats who love to eat it with labneh, disgusting, and thyme bread. A unique mix of Arabic and continental breakfast at the Habsburg restaurant, the Rosewood Corniche, prepared for an unforgettable morning on the beachfront.

I tried our homemade date jam on bread, and Chef Adel made fresh saj bread with a thyme topping. I also enjoyed scrambled eggs and fresh yogurt with a glass of orange juice.

Tell the chef about the aromatic Arabian Long Leaf Tea served in a special tea bag with breakfast. The food was of high quality and the beautiful morning ocean view from the restaurant window added a sharp touch to the appetite.

Sherif Al Mansoori, sales and marketing director for Rosewood Corniche, told Arab News that they have started a daily Arabic breakfast kitchen to give more variety to customers and that it will be available throughout the year.

He also explained that Rosewood is always trying to offer something better to its customers. Last year they featured two different seafood themes. "People love to come here on weekends, and international guests staying at the hotel can get a taste of Saudi Arabia," he said.

It is custom in Jeddah for people to queue for breakfast at many restaurants in the city, so Rosewood also wants to give its customers the full Arabic iftar experience at their workplace.

Rosewood Corniche also has two other restaurants that cater to Chinese and Japanese cuisine. The Chinese restaurant called Noodles and Ginza, the Japanese restaurant is open every day. He said: "We are trying to offer more diversity to our clients and guests by bringing them the taste of different countries."