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How to keep yourself healthy and fit during this summer season | 2021

How to keep yourself healthy and fit during this summer season | 2021

The summer season has started and this year is expected to be much warmer than usual in most regions of India. In addition to the scorching heat and discomfort, this season brings with it a host of ailments. Some bacteria and viruses seem to spread more rapidly in heat, causing illnesses such as chicken pox, measles, typhoid fever, jaundice, infectious hepatitis, and gastroenteritis. During the summer months, we tend to lose a lot of water through sweat, which often leads to dehydration. Burning skin, dermatitis, and heatstroke are some of the other common summer ailments. In addition, with the number of COVID-19 cases increasing in March, it is important that we take more care of ourselves and our families during these months to avoid contracting the disease.

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  1. Sleep: Lack of sleep is associated with increased hunger, high blood sugar levels, poor concentration, frequent illnesses, and problem solving problems. Make sure you get at least 7 hours of sleep and it will help you stay healthy this summer. Make sure you get a good night's sleep. It is helpful to take a warm bath before going to bed.
  2. Stay Hydrated: Water is the perfect way to stay hydrated and keep your appetite in check. Add a dash of flavor with fruit juice, fresh cucumber, or sliced ​​lemon. Be creative.
  3. Add fiber: Vegetables, fruits, nuts, and grains are high in fiber. Fiber helps you stay full, making you less likely to eat unconsciously. Make sure you eat at least 25 grams of fiber a day.
  4. Limit Added Sugars: Try to eat less than six teaspoons of added sugar (this does not include the natural sugars found in fruit and milk). This goal may not be realistic every day, but it aims for success 80 percent of the time. Reserve six teaspoons for a special sweetener. When looking at labels, it helps to know that one teaspoon equals four grams of added sugar.
  5. Enjoy the weather: Studies show that when people venture outdoors, their heart rate and blood pressure improve. Take a moment to appreciate your presence outdoors.
  6. Gratitude: Find time each day to think about some of the things that brought you joy or good feelings. Feeling grateful and positive can help you thrive in a healthy life.

Creating a healthy environment around food, exercise, and rest will ensure success with overall health. One of the most important things to remember: you are solely responsible for respecting your body and providing what it needs.