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Dental insurance plans in New York

Dental insurance plans in New York

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The plans differ mainly in how much you will have to pay monthly for your coverage and how much you will pay when providing dental services. Compare dental insurance plans in New York and select a dental plan designed to meet both your dental care needs and your budget.

How does dental insurance work in New York?

Dental insurance in New York works in the same way as medical insurance. For a specific monthly fee (or "premium"), you are entitled to certain dental benefits, which generally include regular check-ups, cleanings, X-rays, and certain services necessary to promote general dental health. Some plans will provide more coverage than others, and some will require a greater financial contribution from you when providing services. Some plans may also provide coverage for certain types of oral surgery, dental implants, or orthodontia.

Dental plans in New York

Like health insurance plans, New York dental insurance plans are often classified as compensation plans or managed care plans.

New York indemnity plans generally offer a broader range of dental care providers than managed care plans. With a compensation plan, the carrier only pays for covered services after receiving a bill, which means you may have to pay up front and then get compensation from your insurance company later.

Managed care plans generally maintain networks of dental providers. New York dentists participating in a network agree to provide services to patients at pre-negotiated rates and generally submit the claim to the dental insurance company on your behalf. Overall, you will have less paperwork and fewer out-of-pocket expenses with a managed dental care plan and more extensive options for dentists who have a compensation plan.

Dental Resources New York

The New York State Dental Association - An organization representing dentists in New York State. Provides dental information and resources for New Yorkers.