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Car Insurance In Dubai, UAE

Auto insurance or auto insurance is a service agreement between the vehicle owner and the insurance provider. In exchange for a premium, the insurance company provides financial protection to the insured in the event of an accident, damage to property or the health of the driver or passenger in the car. This can also include damage to other parts by the insured's vehicle.

Like most countries, car insurance in the UAE is mandatory by the government. This includes two main types of plans, comprehensive insurance and third party insurance. Depending on the plan, the policy offers a set of benefits for the car owner, such as ownership, liability, and medical benefits. These coverages can be customized by adding more features to the plan.

Benefits of purchasing car insurance in UAE

  • Excellent financial protection against vehicle damage or loss
  • Provides unlimited liability to the owner in the event of injury or death of a third party.
  • Give peace of mind to the insured and passengers when driving the vehicle
  • Option to buy add-ons for added security for the owner and the vehicle
  • Geographic coverage of extended areas covering jurisdictions outside of the UAE
  • Protection against social risks such as riots, vandalism, arson and other malicious acts
  • You get financial security for your car and property
  • Provides compensation for property damage associated with a third party
  • Financial security in case of accidents, theft and natural disasters
  • Emergency replacement allows car owners to pick up a replacement vehicle
  • Off-road coverage allows car owners to drive their cars on desert terrain
  • The latter solution provides a high level of transparency to the policy holder of the insurance company.

Types of car insurance in the UAE

  1. Comprehensive auto insurance
  2. Liability insurance

What does car insurance cover?

Basic coverage

  • Financial compensation for repair costs in case of breakdown of the insured vehicle during the trip
  • Help tow insured vehicles in the event of an accident or breakdown
  • Extract the car or remove it with a tow truck in case of accident or breakdown
  • Tire replacement services for in-flight tires
  • Running out of battery assistance in case the batteries run out mid-flight

Additional coverage

  • You have the option to add 5-year agency repair coverage to your plan
  • Personal accident coverage provides financial compensation to the driver or passenger in the event of an accident that results in death or bodily injury.
  • Provides coverage for driver / passenger medical expenses with 24 hours of accidents.
  • Offers coverage for vehicle damage in off-road driving
  • Recovery services in the event of vehicle breakdown / accident such as vehicle towing, tire replacement, battery jump start, etc.
  • Financial compensation for loss or damage of personal effects in the insured vehicle
  • Provides cost coverage to replace locks in the event of theft or loss of vehicle keys
  • Improves insurance claims coverage in regions outside the UAE by expanding the region to GCC countries such as Saudi Arabia and Oman. Kuwait, Bahrain and Qatar.
  • Full financial coverage for a new vehicle if it is less than six months old
  • Comprehensive coverage for vehicles damaged by natural disasters such as storms, floods and heat waves.
  • Offers full cost coverage to remove unpainted dents and replace the windshield
  • Car rental service while the maintenance / repair of your vehicle is carried out in the workshop.

What does car insurance not cover?

  • The insurance does not cover general car maintenance.
  • Mechanical repairs to your vehicle in the event of an accident will be based on a manufacturer's warranty.
  • The insurance is considered void if the insured owner or any other person with knowledge or insured driving the vehicle under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any intoxicating substance.
  • Engine damage from oil leaks
  • The insurance does not cover damage if the insured vehicle is driven by a person without a valid driver's license.
  • If the insured vehicle, its driver or its passengers were exposed to any damage as a result of war, invasion, terrorist attacks, action by a foreign enemy, rebellion, hostilities, radiation or nuclear materials.
  • Intentional accidental loss as a result of faulty play

The best car insurance companies in UAE

  1. Nour Takaful insurance
  2. Adamjee insurance
  3. AXA car insurance
  4. AIG auto insurance
  5. Union Insurance Company
  6. Aman Insurance
  7. Wathba insurance
  8. Al Saqr National Insurance
  9. Watania Insurance



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