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The best insurance companies in Jeddah

The best insurance companies in Jeddah

The city of Jeddah contains a group of the best integrated and trusted insurance companies, and here we have compiled a list of the best and most important of these companies, offering many advantages.

Directory of the best insurance companies in Jeddah

1. Saudi Enaya Cooperative Insurance

Saudi Enaya Health Insurance is a specialized company that provides first-rate products and pioneering services in the insurance field, both for groups and for individual clients, and the company is characterized by integrity, distinction, trust and commitment, since the company provides various health insurance solutions, and the company is one of the leading health insurance companies in the Kingdom. The main office of Saudi Enaya Cooperative Insurance Company is located at Prince Muhammad Bin Abdulaziz Street (Tahlia Street), opposite Tahlia Mall, Ahmed Ghaleb Al-Essay Building, Jeddah 21481, and you can contact the company through the following phone number : 0122291900.

2. The Wataniya Insurance Company

The Wataniya Insurance Company began in the Kingdom to start its activity since 2010, and has relied on its work on the experience it inherited from the Wataniya Insurance Company of Saudi Arabia, which has been in the insurance business in the Kingdom since 1975, and This company offers many advantages that distinguish it from other companies, such as its employees. Its administrative capacity, which enjoys the best global and local experiences, its dealings with various international insurance companies, its commitment to its clients, and its unique financial evaluation prepared by the international agency Stander and Porr, and this company aims to provide a pioneer and unique insurance protection in the Kingdom, and the most important characteristic of it is transparency and credibility. The main office of the company is located in Jeddah, Ibrahim Al-Juffali & Brothers Building, Madinah Road, Kilo 6, and can be contacted at the phone number: 0126606200.

3. Al-Jazirah Takaful Cooperative Company

Al-Jazirah Takaful Company is one of the leading companies in the field of insurance in compliance with the provisions of Islamic Sharia in the Kingdom, where the company provides one-of-a-kind insurance solutions with high quality, and the company is characterized for its professionalism, high transparency and its ability to understand the needs of its clients, while having a team of experience and high competencies, and the company is committed to implementing the provisions of Islamic Sharia law in all its dealings, and applies risk management concepts, in order to ensure maximum benefit for all. This company is located at Jeddah 21422, PO Box 5215, and can be contacted by calling the following number: 0126688877.

4. Elite for insurance and reinsurance brokerage

Elite Company distinguishes itself as one of the best experienced insurance companies in the Kingdom, serving a wide range of high-risk insurance sectors, dealing with many types of clients in various government, semi-government and government sectors. private companies, and their services include: factories, hospitals and companies. Oil, petrochemicals, food, contracting and others. The company distinguishes itself as a leading national company in the field of insurance brokerage, reinsurance and risk management. It is also licensed by the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency. The company also offers the best insurance and risk management advisory services for various sectors. The company is in Jeddah and can be reached through the following number: 012883666.

5. Cooperativa General del Gulf Insurance Company

The Gulf General Cooperative Insurance Company "Gulf General" was established through the merger that took place between the Saudi General Insurance Company and the Gulf Cooperative Insurance Company, as the company finalized its public offering on October 9, 2009 and its founding general meeting it was celebrated on December 16 of the same year. Then I got business registration number 4030196620 on Jan 24, 2010, and the company is one of the best insurance companies in the Kingdom, located in Jeddah, Al Ghaithi Plaza, the second floor near the Adham Commercial Center, Madinah Road, and The company can be contacted by phone at the following number: 0126516610.

6. Al-Ahly Takaful Company

Al-Ahly Takaful Company is a company established by the National Commercial Bank, which is one of the leading financial institutions in the Kingdom, through an agreement with leading groups in the field of insurance, namely (FWU AG), (VHV) and (IFC), with several other investors. The pioneers in the Kingdom, and Al-Ahly Takaful Company is a company specialized in the field of Takaful insurance in the Kingdom, located at Al-Khalidiya Business Center, Jeddah 21582, and you can contact the company at the following number: 0126901199 .

7. The United Cooperative Assurance Insurance Company

United Cooperative Assurance  Insurance Company is a company listed on the Tadawul market since 2008, and is a specialized cooperative insurance company, and is one of the leading companies in the Kingdom. Number: 0126068633.