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Dubai is the first in the Arab world and the sixth in the world in medical tourism

Dubai is the first in the Arab world and the sixth in the world in medical tourism

Dubai has maintained its advanced position as the top Arab medical tourism destination for the second year in a row, according to the "International Medical Tourism Index" issued by the International Health Research Center "IHRC".

On the other hand, the emirate - which is considered one of the most preferred centers on the world tourist map - ranked sixth in the world on a list of 46 of the most important unique international destinations in a qualitative achievement that reaffirms its success in the development of modern infrastructure and advanced medical facilities that strengthen their competitive foundations in the provision of health services. Developed for travelers coming for treatment purposes from different parts of the world.

Dubai's success in maintaining the first place in the Arab world is due to its scoring high points according to the three main criteria of the "Global Medical Tourism Index", where it ranked fifth in the quality and services of the facilities. healthcare provider and 7th on the environmental destination standard ... while it ranked 13th on the industry standard. Medical tourism.

The latest achievement came as a result of the great efforts made by the Dubai government, represented by the Dubai Health Authority, to promote the medical tourism sector and activate its critical role as one of the main pillars for the success of the policy of economic diversification and the advancement of integral and sustainable development.

Dubai has invested huge investments to build modern hospitals equipped with the best health facilities and medical equipment in the emirate, as well as attracting the elite of international doctors from various specialties. While the Dubai Health Authority issued 3,397 licenses for health facilities in the emirate during the first half of this year. In addition, 45 were opened. A new health center in addition to a hospital and 10 general and specialized medical clinics during the first six months of the current year.

Dubai is also home to 20 authorized and specialized centers for traditional, complementary and alternative medicine "TCAM", as these centers collectively provide 8 services listed under "traditional, complementary and alternative medicine" under the supervision of 234 specialists ... and are also managed no less than 20 specialized medical centers in the emirate. For high-level human skills.

Thanks to its modern medical facilities, integrated healthcare services, and its strong commitment to enhancing the experience of patients and international travelers arriving for the purpose of wellness tourism, Dubai witnessed a 4% increase in the number of tourists. tourism in 2019 compared to 2018, bringing the total to 350,118 tourists, most of whom were Asian, ranking first with a rate of 34. This is followed by medical tourists from Arab countries and of the Gulf by 28 percent, then European countries by 17 percent, African countries by 10 percent, and finally the Americas and other countries by 10 percent.

Dr Marwan Al-Mulla, Executive Director of the Health Regulation Sector of the Dubai Health Authority, said: The results of the "World Medical Tourism Index" confirm once again the level of quality and efficiency of healthcare services. enhancement of Dubai's competitiveness and attractiveness as a leading global center for integrated healthcare, indicating that the new achievement comes as a result of Our absolute commitment to respond to the directives of our wise leadership in strengthening the regulatory frameworks within the medical system, creating modern infrastructure and developing world-class capabilities in the field of health care to ensure that the needs of the Emirati community are met to be healthier, happier and safer.

He highlighted that Dubai continues to consolidate its strong presence as a safe destination that provides international tourists from different parts of the world for treatment and recreation purposes an ideal opportunity to benefit from a wide portfolio of reliable and innovative services specifically designed to improve their health and Improve your quality of life. He noting that the Dubai Health Authority also continues to apply all precautionary measures. And the preventive measures established by the official health authorities at the local and international level to guarantee the safety and health of our local and international patients.

He explained that "Dubai Health" is leading the arduous efforts to enhance Dubai's leadership on the world map of medical tourism by increasing the confidence of the international community in the highly competitive elements that are unique to the emirate ... and noted that, in In line with its continued commitment to this ambitious approach, the authority launched the pioneering brand "The Dubai Experience" Ministry of Health "to serve as a strong impetus for the authority's efforts to adopt and apply best practices and the highest international standards. used in patient care.

For his part, Mohammed Al Muhairi, Director of the Health Tourism Department of the Dubai Health Authority, said: “Many health centers among the members of the Dubai Health Experience group offer second medical opinions and remote consultations ... Once, we encourage health tourists to start planning their trips anew. Treatment that has been postponed or suspended due to the current situation. "

He added: In light of the "Covid-19" virus, Dubai continues to provide the best, best and most reliable healthcare services ... Thanks to its continuous efforts to preserve the health of patients, protect medical workers and improve the safety of members of the local community, Dubai remains at the forefront of the safest destinations for medical tourists of all. worldwide .