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Cheapest auto insurance in South Carolina

Cheapest auto insurance in South Carolina

Cheapest auto insurance in South Carolina

In South Carolina, the cheapest companies to get the minimum auto insurance, the policy required by state law, are Auto owners, GEICO, and State Farm. We found that the rates with these three companies are 24% cheaper than the state average of $ 854 for minimum liability insurance.

However, if you are an active or experienced service member, you should definitely get USAA certified. Other drivers will not be eligible, but we found it to be the cheapest company in the state on average.

Policies that incorporate minimum auto insurance coverage in the state are called minimum liability coverage. These policies are the cheapest way to cover your vehicle, although they may not have sufficient limits to protect your assets. Also, you will be charged for repairs to your own car if you cause an accident or if your car is damaged in bad weather conditions.

Cheapest auto insurance in South Carolina

Cheapest Company for Full Coverage: auto Owners

For affordable, comprehensive coverage auto insurance, car owners are the best option for South Carolina drivers. This company made the lowest quotes for our personal driver, with an average price of $ 1,583. A full coverage auto owner policy costs almost half the cost of a similar policy with Allstate, the most expensive insurance company in the state.

  • Auto owners: $ 1,583 / year / $ 132 / month
  • State Farm: $ 1,594 / year / $ 133 / month
  • GEICO: $ 1,699 / year / $ 142 / month

Full coverage auto insurance policies include both third-party coverage, which pays for damage you may cause in an accident, and first-person coverage, which pays for the repair or replacement of your vehicle. These policies are 136% more expensive than those with minimum coverage. However, if your car is worth more than a few thousand dollars, these policies can help you avoid costly repairs after an accident.

Cheapest for drivers in an accident: State Farm

South Carolina drivers who have been in an accident will find the best rates with State Farm, according to our research. Choosing this company can save you 30% on your full coverage auto insurance premiums, compared to a state average of $ 2,731 per year.

  • State Farm: $ 1919 / year / $ 160 / month
  • Nationwide: $ 2,093 / year / $ 174 / month
  • Auto owners: $ 2,349 / year / $ 196 / month