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Tourism in Dubai is rising again

Tourism in Dubai is rising again

The Emirate of Dubai is preparing to return to its tourism activities after travel restrictions have been lifted and aeronautical activity has gradually returned, so promotional campaigns have been launched to welcome tourists with New Year's celebrations and the organization of shopping festivals.

Dubai: The Canadian Colliers International Foundation expects UAE hotels to experience a faster recovery compared to other markets in the region, emphasizing that the UAE market will benefit from ongoing preparations to host the 2020 Dubai Shopping Festival from December 17 to January 30, 2021 and to host the Expo.

In preparation for this important event, the Dubai Department of Tourism launched its marketing efforts in various parts of the world, especially as Dubai resumed welcoming tourists and reopened more regional and global destinations and markets. It recently launched a new campaign titled "Live an Experience for Life," which sheds light on the unique ways that Allow travelers to create their own vacation programs that incorporate experiences they can have across the city.

Dubai is characterized as a renewed and constantly developing destination, and is capable of offering more interesting experiences to its new visitors or those who are used to it. She recognizes that with the gradual return to normalcy, travelers are constantly looking for unique and personal travel experiences.

The campaign encourages tourists to enjoy everything the city has to offer, which is full of tourist attractions and distinctive offers, as well as inviting them to allocate exceptional experiences that they find "only in Dubai" that are adapted to their tastes and preferences. , as well as his experience of the multicultural environment that characterizes the social fabric of this global city.

Essam Kazim, Executive Director of Dubai Tourism Marketing Corporation, said: "The message of this campaign confirms our willingness and willingness to satisfy the tastes and requirements of potential tourists. In the promotional film, we focus on the concept and dimension of others. In addition to showing the tall towers and unique landmarks that characterize the city, so invite them to visit a destination that celebrates the cultures of more than 200 nationalities around the world, and at the same time able to provide a range of experiences diverse and unique, and through this innovative marketing campaign, we do not direct our visitors' attention to the multiple options available to them to spend the most pleasant moments and record the most beautiful and unforgettable memories in Dubai, not only, but that we also assure the world that the city is regaining its vitality, and is a safe and preferred destination to visit.

Among the positive indicators of the return of tourism to Dubai is the return of flights, the increase in the level of hotel occupancy and the high levels of Internet searches to visit the emirate of Dubai.

Data released by the company "Wego", which specializes in the sector of travel services and online reservations, showed that reservations on its website for UAE hotels increased by 60 percent since the start of the reception of tourists on July 7 until the end of August 2020, coinciding with the gradual return to receive the impulse of international visitors and also coinciding with the organization of events and conferences.

She expected hotels to receive more visitors from abroad in the next period with increased measures taken by airlines in terms of changing travel dates and reissuing tickets without fees, in addition to facilitating reservation procedures for travelers and providing Dubai tourist facilities with more special offers and promotional packages.

And after the UAE succeeded in following global preventive precautions to ensure visitor safety, Internet search levels to visit the emirate of Dubai jumped from 53 percent to 75 percent through the end of last August, and They continued to rise throughout the month of September 2020, according to data recently released by the Department. Tourism and business marketing in Dubai.

Tourism industry officials and experts suggested that UAE hotels would see a further recovery in the remaining months of this year, with an increase in electronic searches from outside the country for tantalizing deals that local businesses began to offer for celebrate birthdays and New Years.