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Safari in the UAE: Tourism on a sea of sand

Safari in the UAE: Tourism on a sea of sand

The United Arab Emirates announced the return of tourist and desert trips in the emirate of Sharjah, amid a full commitment to the precautionary measures established in accordance with the guide for desert tourism trips and its organizers.

The UAE is a major tourist destination for desert tourism enthusiasts from various countries of the world, especially in the winter season, due to the availability of the elements of this tourism, the most important of which are the beautiful weather. warm, fine sands, golden dunes and oasis of palm trees, which makes it attract a large number of tourists who love rest, tranquility and recreation, becoming a privileged destination for pioneers of adventure and exploration.

The decision to resume desert tourism and travel in Sharjah represents an advanced step on the road to a gradual return to all tourism activities in the Emirates, with the adoption of best preventive practices, the organization of health protocols and the application of conditions and standards. guaranteeing the safety of tourists, visitors, employees, citizens and residents of the emirate.

Emirati Omar Ahmed says: “With the start of the winter season and the school holidays, Emiratis, residents and tourists are making their trips to places and facilities for family entertainment, which are at the forefront of areas wild and desert that everyone wants. visit, either through quick daily trips by tourists and residents, or through stays for a period that can be extended for several days or weeks for camping, which are generally carried out by the inhabitants of the Emirates in specific areas within the desert of the country, such as the desert of the Western Region, Al Ain, Nad Al Sheba, Al Khawaneej, Al Dhaid, Al Surra and Awafi.

He added: "If a group of desert festivals takes place in the country whose programs combine common denominators relying on the nature of the desert, then we young people have our daily festival with adventure and challenge. And the tanning sessions.

"In the light of the presence of these three elements, we unleash our limitless adventures, and the roar of car engines begins to turn the tranquility and silence of the desert into loud and silent noises, except with the arrival of the cars to the tops of the dunes and the sand hills, then we start the return trip. "

The time has come to pay attention to desert tourism, develop and encourage it, especially since desert tourism is one of the most important tributaries of tourism, which tourists love very much, which is why they come from all over the world to visit. the UAE and wading its sands through safari trips, which have many places suitable for these types of trips.

"I live in the Emirates and my family and I make sure to visit the desert at least once a week, usually on vacation," says Wes Freiburg from the United States, who is busy preparing two motorcycles to start an adventure trip in the desert with their children.

He added: “The desert of the United Arab Emirates becomes, especially in winter, an open natural complex, which includes a large number of different peoples of the world, frequented by the people of the Emirates who are true lovers of the desert, the nature and excursions. and you find the desert goers of the indian subcontinent playing their favorite cricket game, after they found their way in the desert, so they converted many spaces in hundreds of stadiums to play this game. You will also find visitors from different countries of the world, from Belarus, Europe and from various countries.

He continued: "In fact, the UAE desert turns in winter into a big spontaneous festival, which includes visitors from countless peoples and cultures, and is filled with many tourist, cultural and sporting activities and events, and attracts a large number of fans and desert lovers ".

Tourism sector officials highlight the importance of adhering to precautionary measures, which lay solid foundations to restore momentum to the tourism sector, maintaining the health of employees and tourists alike, in order to establish Sharjah's presence as a tourist destination. safe and preferred.

Says young Jessica Freiberg: "I love the desert, especially the Emirati desert, because it raises the slogan 'No disturbance' and combines many forms and styles of viewing, entertainment and education, as well as distinctive shows whose content highlights the best details of adventure and fun.

He added: "The varied landscape made up of plains, plateaus, hills and mountains helped to spread a distinctive pattern of tourism, which is safari and adventure tourism in the deserts, trails and valleys of the Emirates, and the pursuit of hobbies such as sand skiing, sand biking and visits to venues to host camel races. "

The decision to resume tourism and travel activity to the desert came after requiring specialized companies to take various measures, the most important of which is to equip the reception desks with plastic or glass dividers and facilitate the use of security devices. credit cards while sterilizing operations are performed on a regular basis.

A number of requirements have been established during sightseeing tours, the first of which is that the number of passengers must not exceed the vehicle's capacity, maintain a distance of at least 2 meters between people, and provide signs around the tour vehicle to alert participants. to the need to avoid overcrowding and overcrowding in an area, and urge them to adhere to the following health and safety procedures.

Tour operators are also required to provide a reservation system that allows health authorities to collect information to help track contacts if necessary, including details of the tour, places to be visited, times, dates and details. contact of all customers, in addition to adopting electronic payment. methods and following all possible methods to maintain the cleanliness of tourist facilities, vehicles, equipment and more.