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Medical insurance for Tawuniya individuals and its rates in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Medical insurance for Tawuniya individuals and its rates in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

The health insurance for Tawuniya and its prices differ according to the category in question in insurance such as families, and Tawuniya is known as one of the best and most famous insurance companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, because it contains many lists that are insured, in addition to the fact that the cooperative company provides a website to know all the details is easy.

Tawuniya Company for Individuals Secure Medical Visit Visa

This insurance is intended for all visitors to the Sacred House of God, since this medical insurance is provided from the moment the visitor enters the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

As this medical insurance is Tawuniya for all emergencies, as well as for all traffic accidents, the visitor must agree to have a history of illness to be infected or not with this condition.

It should be noted that the insurance rates are around 100,000 Saudi Riyals, and that the benefit is obtained in full.

In addition, it includes the costs that are related to the return of the deceased to his country, in the range of about 100,000 Saudi riyals.

And that the costs that are related to dental treatment as a result of an emergency injury, or pregnancy and delivery that are emergency, travel to accompany a person, the costs are in the range of 500 Saudi riyals.

The value of costs related to the daily subsistence of the patient, the rent of a bed, the infirmary, or in the cases of visits, as well as the medical supervision, is about 600 Saudi riyals per day.

The expenses related to accommodation for daily utilities are in the range of 150 Saudi Riyals.

Health insurance rates for Tawuniya

The list includes medical insurance for all people in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia from Tawuniya Family Insurance Company, and also includes visa insurance for the medical visit.

And that this insurance contains four classes, which are: the categories of silver, platinum, gold and diamonds.

And that the maximum limit for the silver category is about 30 thousand Saudi riyals, and for the platinum category it is about 100 thousand Saudi rials, and silver gold is about 50 thousand Saudi riyals, and the diamond category is of about 250 thousand Saudi riyals.

It should be noted that daily accommodation is provided for the gold and silver categories, and they are shared rooms, but daily accommodation is provided for the platinum and diamond categories, which are private rooms.

And that the medical consultations for the four memberships: Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond cost around (75, 100, 150, 200) Saudi riyals, and that's in order.

And that the daily subsistence that is given per day in medical centers for all emergency cases, costs around 350 Saudi riyals for the category of gold and silver, and for the category of platinum and diamond it is 600 Saudi riyals.

Other health insurance rates for Tawuniya

It should be noted that the maximum amount that is related to the treatment of pathological conditions that exist during the insurance period, which are available to a person, are according to the memberships in the order (silver, gold, platinum and diamond), whose cost is respectively (30,000, 50,000, 100,000, 250,000 SR).

It is necessary to know that the insurance is valid for the duration of the stay in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Health insurance covers all family members, as it includes a large number of medical services and also includes treatment services, it also includes expenses for exams, vaccines and diagnostic expenses, and also includes cases of childbirth and pregnancy, and This is provided in the largest hospitals and medical centers that are accredited in Saudi Arabia.

In addition, underwriting programs and routine procedures for rescue and assistance to the injured are offered.