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Worried About Financial Security? Buy a Life Insurance Policy

You have heard of it and have been told many times that life insurance is necessary at some point. However, you put off your decision to buy one or feel overwhelmed after seeing so many options that you put it off to a later date. Your friend recommended an insurance plan, but your financial advisor has shared in the benefits of term insurance that offers higher coverage with a lower premium, and now you are totally confused. But the good news is that buying a life insurance plan is not as complicated as it sounds. It is a very easy and simple process, thanks to our online life insurance calculator.

But before you understand how to use a life insurance premium calculator to choose the best policy, let's first understand what it means and how it affects your life.

Life insurance is a simple contract between you and an insurance company to protect your family's financial future if you pay a certain premium over a specified number of years. Upon your death, the death benefit from your insurance policy will be transferred to the candidate without any problem. This lump sum can be used in a number of ways to help your loved ones cope even in the face of tragedy.

Types of life insurance

You can choose from a wide range of financial instruments to shape your portfolio. However, life insurance is so critical to your financial portfolio that it is often considered the first step toward financial planning. While you may want your investment to build wealth, you should also use a portion of your income to pay for life insurance to make sure your dependents are financially secure. If something happens to you.

Today it is easy to acquire an insurance plan. You can use a life insurance calculator to enter all your details and let it reveal a few possible investment options based on your budget and requirements. In addition to calculating your insurance premium, you can also use the Life Insurance Premium Calculator to compare policies before investing.

Now let's take a look at some of the most popular types of life insurance policies that you can evaluate in terms of affordability and feasibility with the help of a life insurance calculator.

Life insurance

Life insurance is the cheapest insurance product that offers comprehensive coverage for a lower premium. In this type of insurance, the policy death benefit is transferred to your policy candidate only if the policyholder dies during the policy period. If you remain alive during the policy period, your coverage will cease without any claim for death benefits.

You can also consider investing in term insurance with a premium yield if you want a maturity at the end of your policy term. Use our Life Insurance Calculator to see which one is best for you.

Unit Linked Insurance Plans (ULIP)

ULIPs are a type of insurance plan that comes with life insurance and a dual benefit investment. In this type of coverage, the premium paid against your policy is used to purchase units in the assets of your choice. You can invest in a variety of debt- and equity-based funds based on your tolerance for risk.

Endowment policy

You get paid for this life insurance product if you exceed the policy term. However, if successful, death compensation is awarded to the beneficiary of your policy. The endowment policy offers an excellent combination of savings and money protection.

It is an essential addition to your financial portfolio, as it helps you save regularly over a period of time so that you can get a substantial amount at maturity. In addition, it is also useful to insure you and your family after retirement. You no longer have to depend on your children for financial support when you invest in a gift policy.

Savings and investment plans

SIPs are a type of life insurance plan that is guaranteed to give you a lump sum to cover future expenses for you and your family. In addition to providing you with an excellent tool for long-term and short-term financial goals, these plans also provide you with insurance coverage that promises to financially protect your family in the event of your death.

Child insurance policy

This is a savings investment plan that is specially designed to meet your child's future financial needs, such as education or marriage. When you invest in this policy, your child will be able to fulfill all her dreams without putting any financial pressure on her savings. You can start saving on these plans from the moment your baby is born and make withdrawals when you reach adulthood.

In addition to that, this plan also gives you the benefit of a life insurance coverage along with the benefit of benefit, ensuring that you cover your future expenses even if it no longer exists. Premiums paid for the child insurance policy are also exempt from income tax under Section 80C.

Retirement plan

Create a primary entity for your retirement and live an independent life without worry. In the event of an unfortunate event, the policy candidate will receive a one-time payment as a death benefit.

Life insurance is not just about securing the financial future of your loved ones. It is also a reliable way to cover your daily expenses in the absence of a breadwinner. Use our life insurance calculator to choose the right products that can help keep you on your feet during financial need. The calculator will also help you estimate the insurance premium that you can afford for a long time. Therefore, always choose at least one or two life insurance policies in your wallet to protect your money and that of your family.