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"Seham" back down from raising "car insurance clearance"

The joint decision of the insurance companies to raise the insurance authorization for automobiles generated much controversy, and led one of the companies to postpone it, given the current situation characterized by the emerging crisis of the Corona virus.

Insurance companies issued patrols this week to report that the insurance settlement (excess) is calculated as a percentage of the value of the new car, rather than the amount of damage that was incurred during the accident.

"The excess" means the amount that remains in charge of the insured in the event of a traffic accident, and which was previously deducted from the value of the compensation for claims.

This decision was considered by the consumer defense associations as contrary to the principle of fair competition and is an illegal agreement between all companies with the aim of increasing the percentage of insurance settlement, that is, the percentage deducted from the amount of the insurance. compensation for damage caused to the car.

The company "Siham Seguros" issued a press release to its partners explaining that it "decided to postpone the application of this measure to a later date", but confirmed that it was "convinced of its importance and necessity, because it is a justified procedure".

"We are convinced of the importance and necessity of this measure, but we realize that the current context unfortunately continues to be complicated by the health crisis and the very difficult economic situation for everyone," the company added in its statement.

The company said, to justify its adherence to the decision, that it "responds to the structural deficit it faces by insuring all damages (tierce)", and considered that it is "fair for customers because it makes no sense for a small car to be subject to the same insurance authorization as a luxury car. "

For its part, the National University of Insurance Agents and Brokers of Morocco said that “the insurance companies have not informed them of the adoption of this radical change, which will have a negative impact on the relations between insurance brokers and insured ”.

The university stated in a statement that “in the absence of an adequate rate modification, Tierce's framework continues to be of little benefit because a large part of the costs will be borne by the insured from now on. Therefore, each intermediary must provide adequate and adequate advice to each insured. ".

The Moroccan League for Consumer Rights has demanded that the file of the insurance companies' contract be sent to the attention of the Competition Council to open a rapid and in-depth investigation in this regard, noting that this "contract is considered a violation of Law 104.12 on freedom of prices and competition ”.