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New travel requirements raise the demand for international health insurance for travelers

Officials from the local insurance sector hoped that the requirement that travelers provide international medical insurance valid throughout the period of travel and appropriate for the country of destination issued by the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship would increase, and that the requirement that state visitors obtain international medical insurance issued by the Supreme Committee for Crisis and Disaster Management in Dubai. The demand for international health insurance in the near future will gradually be one of the major tributaries of insurance company premiums in the future.

They indicated that many countries require visitors to obtain international health insurance, and that some countries have imposed this measure following the repercussions of the Crown epidemic.

They explained that the impact at present will be limited in the sector due to the travel concerns of most people, but it will be gradual to reach the recovery stage in line with the return of travel traffic.

And they reported that some health insurance policies allow customers to travel, but after obtaining a certificate from the insurance company, while some documents for some destinations need to be modified and perhaps added to certain items. They indicated that travel insurance today is not what it was in the past, and will witness a change in terms of coverage, exclusions and building prices.

In detail, the executive director of the Islamic Insurance and Reinsurance Company of Dubai "Aman", Jihad Vitrouni, affirmed that allowing the trip and establishing requirements to obtain an international medical insurance valid for the entire period of the trip and suitable for the country of destination would support the return of travel medical insurance demand. Observing that they began to receive requests for this type of insurance to adapt to the destinations to which the client wishes to travel.

He pointed out that most clients in the local market have international medical insurance that entitles them to travel to many destinations, so these clients only need a certificate proving the existence of the insurance, and some clients have begun to request these certificates.

He explained that some clients who have medical insurance may need to add certain items according to the country of destination, especially with regard to the breadth of the insurance policy for the treatment of epidemics, unless the document is included in the base of this item.

He expected the next period to witness an activity in the travel insurance demand, especially for his medical department, noting that the recovery in demand is linked to the movement of travel and its gradual return.

For his part, the General Manager of Middle East Partners Insurance Consultants, Moussa Al-Shawahin, stated that traveling to some countries requires obtaining an insurance policy that includes some medical and other matters, and these documents have been permanently suspended during the last period due to travel restrictions.

He noted that the return of the travel movement and the requirement that travelers obtain international medical insurance in accordance with the requirements of the destination country would support the demand for these documents with insurance companies, but relatively and at least a little during the period. current and near future.

She explained that fears and reluctance to travel limit the impact of this insurance on local businesses, travel insurance is not expected to witness an exceptional boom during the current period, but it will be an additional source of income in any case.

She pointed out the need for clients wishing to travel to modify their documents, which may not be complete for the Corona epidemic, noting that the modification of documents of the companies that issue these documents may require an additional premium.

For his part, a member of the Higher Technical Committee of the Emirates Insurance Association indicated that having what requires customers to obtain medical or travel insurance would support insurance premiums in the future, especially when the travel movement returns. to normal, noting that the impact is in time. The present may be limited.

She explained that some details of the new instructions need further clarification, especially in terms of procedures, completeness and checkpoints of these documents.