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Kuwait: Steps to renew health insurance online

Online Health Insurance Renewal Kuwait is one of the important services provided by the Kuwait Ministry of Health, to all residents without exception, as this helps to work to renew their social security, and it is also possible to renew social security for their families who are in Kuwaiti lands without having to go to the offices of the Ministry. Kuwait health and social security fees for expatriates are paid through available electronic means.

Online Health Insurance Renewal Kuwait

In the last period, the Kuwait Ministry of Health has worked to provide all its services, either to citizens or residents, electronically, without the need to go to any of the ministry's offices spread across all governorates and regions, where expats can enter the system and then renew health insurance, after paying fees through the famous electronic payment system (K-net), as the health insurance renewal fee in Kuwait is 30 Kuwaiti dinars for children Under 18 years, for us it is 40 Kuwaiti Dinars for children over 18 years old and 50 Kuwaiti Dinars for the wife, brothers and sisters.

The Kuwait Ministry of Health stated that it put in place the automated system, in order to register for health insurance, to help expatriates of different nationalities to renew health insurance and then pay insurance fees electronically, as that the system contains a fast-track entry service for expatriate workers, and then Complete the required steps on site for renewal.

Steps to renew health insurance online Kuwait

And the Kuwaiti Ministry of Health highlighted that all residents of Kuwaiti land can work to renew health insurance and then pay the required fees, through the following steps:

  1. Initially, the expatriate must enter the page of the automated system, through the following link: From here
  2. An expat will enter the system normally, except for expats who violate article 20.
  3. All the required information is written within the site, from which we click on login.
  4. The type of service required is determined by the drop-down list and then the insurance category is selected.
  5. The expat must write all the required information on the site and then accept the terms and conditions.
  6. To switch to the K-net system, we click on the online payment button.
  7. You must enter all the electronic payment information, click confirm, and then wait for the process to complete.

Where expats in the beloved Arab state of Kuwait can work to renew health insurance online, including paying all expenses without having to go to any of the Ministry of Health offices.