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Consider amending the unified vehicle insurance policy

The Insurance Authority has proposed a preliminary draft to modify some articles of the standardization system for vehicle insurance policies issued in 2016 with the aim of providing greater protection to those insured and affected by vehicle accidents. In the event that there is a disagreement between the company and the unaffected party on the value of the damages, the amount of compensation or the determination of the market value of the damaged vehicle, the authority will appoint a specialist for the detection and assessment of damages to determine the value of the damages or the amount of compensation.

The amendments included death or any bodily injury inflicted on any person, including the occupants of the vehicle except the insured, the driver of the vehicle that caused the accident, and passengers working for the insured if they were injured during and due to work. A claim, or a total of claims arising from a single accident, is the value of what a court ruled, regardless of its value.

In the event of injury to the husband, parents and children, where the maximum limit is 200,000 dirhams for each injured person, while in the event of death or disability, it is according to the percentage of disability attributable to an amount of 200,000 dirhams.

The company is obliged to pay Dh6,770 to the provider of the ambulance service and medical transport to hospitals for each "wounded person" who suffers an injury or dies. He is treated and transferred to the hospital as a result of an accident involving a vehicle insured by the civil liability company.