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10 JOD, the cheapest Corona insurance, covers the expenses of 15 days ... at 35 thousand $

Local insurance companies, especially the larger ones, have started to prepare new insurance policies that are in line with the health protocol for business operation at Kuwait International Airport, which requires travelers to cover Coronavirus as part of travel insurance policies.

learned that there are companies such as Warba Insurance, which have already begun to sell insurance policies that cover the medical expenses of Corona victims, for periods ranging from 15 days to up to a year, while the average minimum price for a document is 10 dinars and 193. Dinars maximum.

As for the average maximum limit that a travel insurance policy against "Corona" can cover, it is $ 75,000, in addition to quarantine expenses that do not exceed $ 980, spread over 14 days.
Insurance periods
In some detail, responsible sources revealed that just as the prices of insurance policies against Corona differ, the countries covered by these documents differ and the periods they include, and also include upper limits for medical expenses, and also limits maximums to cover quarantine periods.

The sources pointed out that for the most common travel periods of national travelers, the insurance policy that covers one month appears, and that it is reliable to be the most sold, either for citizens or residents, especially because according to the National Law of the Work, the period of annual leave payable with salary is 30 days.

He indicated that the average price of the silver document for the period of the month starts at 14 dinars, while the price of the golden document for the same period reaches 18 dinars, and finally the platinum document, whose average price for the same period has been set. at about 46 dinars.

health insurance

The sources indicated that among the changes that have occurred in the terms of the traditional health coverage that will be covered by travel insurance policies in the next period, that insurance for Corona will be with individual documents, that is, the expenses of Insurance coverage will be decided for each person separately, noting that it is not. So far, it has been decided to include family documents that cover all family members with insurance against infection with "Corona" as a single package, as is customary with medical coverage found in travel documents. traditional.

Regarding the geographic space covered by the insurance policies against "Corona", the silver policy covers the countries of Europe, Africa and Asia, excluding Japan, with a maximum of $ 35,000 in medical expenses, in addition to quarantine expenses with a maximum $ 50 a day and a maximum. 14 days.

As for the golden document, it covers all the countries of the world, except America, Canada, Australia and Japan, with medical expenses of 50 thousand dollars maximum, in addition to 60 dollars for quarantine coverage, with a maximum per day, and up to 14 days.

Finally, the Platinum Policy covers all countries in the world with a maximum of $ 75,000 in medical expenses, in addition to $ 70 in daily quarantine expenses, with a maximum of 14 days.

It is striking that the travel insurance documents against Corona prepared so far take into account the issue of different ages, since their holders have been classified in more than one category ending in 85 years, while the percentage of the cost that the client must assume as to cover health expenses will be estimated according to their age group.

In addition, the client with Corona who is between 81 and 85 years old and has a silver or gold document will have to pay 4 thousand dollars of coverage for their medical expenses, while they will pay 6 thousand if their document is platinum.

Regarding the ages of 71 to 80 years, the holders of the silver and gold travel insurance policies will have to pay 3,000 dollars, and 4 thousand for the platinum insured, and for those from 61 to 70 years they will have to assume 300 dollars of their medical expenses if they are holders of the silver and gold policy. And $ 450 if they are platinum.

A resident is required to possess a "Corona" document for some countries

Sources reported that requiring travelers to issue an insurance policy against "Corona" will not be limited to citizens, as it is expected to also include residents, should they decide to travel to countries that require this document.

Among these countries is the Emirates, where the Insurance Authority there announced the condition of having an insurance policy against "Corona" with those who come to it.
It is expected that the resident is not obliged to issue this document if she travels to her country, as she will be responsible directly or through her country to cover all medical expenses and quarantine her if she is infected with "Corona".

In addition, many countries decide to require Corona insurance for all their visitors, so that they do not have to pay their medical expenses for Corona's treatment and the cost of their quarantine, if the visitor does not have the financial capacity to do so.