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Travel insurance in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

If you are looking for a vacation destination that promises stunning landscapes and rich heritage, then it doesn't get much better than Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia, the birthplace of Islam, is frequented by travelers throughout the year. From the mountain resorts of Taif to the majesty of Nabataean tombs and the coral reefs of the Red Sea, the land of Saudi Arabia is naturally rich in sights and sounds that capture your imagination.

Experience the cultural and geographical center of the country by visiting Riyadh, the capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Once surrounded by adobe walls, this city is now home to modern highways, residential suburbs, and industrial and high-rise complexes. This area also has a traditional appeal, as the historic Qasr Al-Hukm district is also located here.

Experience the biodiversity of Saudi Arabia by visiting the country's national parks. The most popular is Aseer National Park and it is considered a paradise for ornithologists, botanists and zoologists. Another place to visit is Al-Jawf, which is famous for its ancient Nabataean and Assyrian ruins.

You do not need to apply for a visa before visiting the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on vacation if you belong to Bahrain, the Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait and Oman. If you plan to travel to Saudi Arabia, you must have a valid passport and return ticket and you can apply for the visa at the Embassy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in New Delhi or Mumbai.

Buy travel insurance for Saudi Arabia to avoid hassles while in a foreign country. Purchase Royal Sundaram Travel Insurance for Saudi Arabia to enjoy your vacation carefree in the event of financial emergencies such as lost or delayed luggage, medical emergencies, personal accidents and personal liability. You can also buy insurance online from the official website.

Top Reasons to Buy Travel Insurance for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia from Royal Sundaram

  • Coverage of medical expenses
  • Medical evacuation
  • Support for lost luggage and passport
  • Cashless treatment during a medical emergency
  • Accidental chipping
  • Legal obligations are covered
  • Delayed flight

Travel insurance benefits in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

  • Convenience - Travel insurance plans are specifically designed to meet the needs of students, seniors, and frequent travelers.
  • Emergency Medical Coverage - Provides emergency medical protection when traveling abroad.
  • Trip Cancellation and Interruption Compensation: Travel insurance pays any expenses you may incur as a result of losses related to trip cancellation.
  • Baggage and documents: The insurance company also pays for the loss of important documents.
  • Personal Accidents - This includes accidental death and disability coverage
  • Contingent cash advance

Basic coverage and exclusions of travel insurance in Saudi Arabia

What does it cover?

  • Loss of passport
  • Personal accident coverage
  • Return the remains
  • The benefit of kidnapping
  • Coverage for medical emergencies
  • Payment for flight delay
  • Dental treatment
  • Personal responsibility
  • Accidental chipping
  • Loss / delay in checked baggage

What is not covered?

  • Medical coverage for pre-existing conditions
  • Any accusation derived from a terrorist act, self-harm, attempted suicide, etc.

Travel Insurance in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: Claim Procedures

Follow the procedure below for the Saudi Arabia travel insurance claim process:

This procedure is very simple. As soon as a claim occurs, you must inform the insurance company by call or email. A customer service representative will help you with the claim process. Here is a step-by-step guide to filing a claim under travel insurance:

  • The health coverage claim process: reimbursement
  • The process of claiming delayed checked baggage or lost baggage
  • Personal accident claim process