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 The health system in Kuwait

There are many health care options in Kuwait. The government provides free medical care to Kuwaiti citizens. There are five government hospitals and several additional clinics. Expats can benefit from these services at a cost of 50 Kuwaiti dinars per year. Other services, such as photography, will incur additional charges.

Kuwait plans to implement expat hospitals and clinics only in the future, which will be available to expats with current insurance coverage. The proposed completion of this project is 2018, with an increase to 50 Kuwaiti dinars per year in the expatriate health care fee planned for 2020.

Health insurance in Kuwait

Many companies offer health insurance as part of their salary package. This insurance includes access to government health care, as well as private health insurance, which can be used in hospitals and private practices, and there are many. There are many health insurance companies in Kuwait. If it is included in your salary package, your employer will provide you with your card and information about clinics and hospitals covered by your coverage. If insurance is not part of your package, your employer can provide you with a list of available companies to choose from. Various packages also extend to the entire GCC region.

There are many international insurance companies to choose from in Kuwait, depending on your needs and budget. Some of the leading insurance companies are:

Think about viewing their offers according to your needs and get a free quote on the Health Insurance for Expats in Kuwait page.

The standard of care

Health care in Kuwait is of a high standard. Most of the service providers in Kuwait are trained in the West, and many of the doctors are expatriates who have been trained in their home countries. Unlike in the United States, most referrals from a primary care physician are not required here. Primary care doctors and family doctors are rare in Kuwait, but some are available. Most private providers are specialists and you can make appointments with a specialist in the area you want, as long as they are within your insurance plan.

Medications and prescriptions

Pharmacies are readily available in Kuwait in all regions. The prices of medicines are regulated by the Ministry of Health, so prices should not differ between pharmacies. Most over-the-counter medications, such as acetaminophen and cold medications, can only be purchased at a pharmacy. You cannot buy it in the supermarket or the store. Most of the drugs are available in the western countries of Kuwait. However, some of them are not "any drugs derived from swine sources that cannot be brought into Kuwait because all swine products are illegal. Sleeping pills and some narcotic substances are also prohibited in Kuwait. If necessary, they can be prohibited. buy outside of Kuwait and bring with a suitable prescription.

Also, some drugs are only available in government hospitals. If your doctor recommends a drug that is only available in the government, they will provide the necessary documentation and a referral. You will take this to the state hospital and the doctor will review the information there. If they accept the evaluation of a private care physician, they will issue the medication. You will need to return to the hospital for all necessary refills. Vaccines, especially travel vaccines, are only available within the government health system. Not all vaccines available in western countries are available in Kuwait due to the difficulty of maintaining proper temperatures during shipment.