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The cheapest car insurance method in Saudi Arabia

How to get car insurance for a lower cost?

The best way to track them to find the cheapest car insurance in Dubai or Saudi Arabia is to compare it online. It's the most easy and fast way. It is also the one that saves you a lot of money

But there are other additional steps you can take, if you want a comfortable price for the premium that you are paying:

Buy the Right Car: When buying a car, always consider the issue of insurance. Some cars are less expensive to insure than others. It is worth checking the different insurance offers of many companies, in order to know how much the payment will be for the model of the car that you will buy

Reduce travel distances: Try not to drive your car over long distances and for close periods of time. Whereas, all premiums are based on risks of this kind. The less you travel long distances, the less likely you will be in accidents. Most of the time, the few that you travel mean cheaper car insurance

Raise the excess (deductible) amount for the insurance: the excess (deductible) amount is the part you agree to and you must pay out of your pocket from the insurance company's claim without any objections, for damages resulting from an accident due to the mistake you personally committed. The higher the additional amount (the deduction), the lower the value of the insurance you pay. However, you will have to pay more to repair the car yourself when you are involved in an accident

No-claims discount: Take advantage of the discounts your insurance company gives you. You can find more information about National Commercial Bank and the discounts that can be provided in AskMjareb's online car insurance guide.

Avoid making modifications to your car: Think carefully before making modifications to your car. It may be tempting to add some modifications to the car, to give your character your special and distinctiveness, but it will make it more attractive to thieves, and this, in turn, may lead to an increase in the insurance premium.

Pay only for what you need: Don't buy covers you don't need or want. The additional coverage options may include off-road coverage or windshield repair, and this is beneficial for you, but bear in mind that it will increase the premium value of course. Make a realistic assessment of the risks you may be exposed to against the cost, and decide on the actual coverage that you will need, in order to decide which of them you can dispense with

What determines the price of your car insurance?

Most insurance companies take the same few factors into account when calculating your car insurance premium

  • Age
  • Sex
  • Type of car
  • Vehicle age

How long has it been since you got your driver's license?

Traffic accident record

What does car insurance cover?

Car insurance covers any damage to your car, or any damage that your car may cause to others during road accidents. This may also include cases of theft, fire, floods, erosion or natural damage resulting from excessive use, among others. But it basically depends on the amount of coverage

There are three types of car insurance coverage limits:

1. Third party insurance

The third-party trustee covers the damages that may be caused to another party (other than you), whether that person himself or his property, which was damaged due to your car. This is the basic (level) limit for coverage that is mandatory by law under UAE law. It is worth noting that this insurance will not cover any damage to you or your car

And since it's the basic plan out there, this also means it's the least expensive. If your car is old and does not cost a lot of money, you may prefer not to invest your money in additional insurance and only commit to the mandatory third-party coverage.

2. Comprehensive car insurance

Comprehensive insurance covers everything that can happen to your car, such as collision or damage due to fire or theft. It also includes third-party insurance as required by law. If you have an expensive car and do not want to pay for any repairs after an accident, or are afraid of the car being stolen, then comprehensive car insurance is the limit you should get

It is possible to add or remove various insurance features and coverages, including (but not limited to):

Agency Repair: Extending vehicle repair coverage at a car insurance agency, up to five years

Personal accident coverage for the driver and passengers: Provides financial compensation if the driver or passenger suffers injuries in the event of an accident

Emergency medical expenses: covers medical expenses borne by the driver or passengers

Off-road coverage: covers damage to the vehicle while driving off-road (desert or mountain roads, racing roads etc.)

Roadside Assistance: Provides repair and rehabilitation services in the event of accidents / breakdowns that include tire replacement, traction, battery start-up, etc.

Personal property: covers the loss or damage of your personal belongings while in the insured vehicle

GCC Coverage: Regional coverage extends to Oman, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar

New replacement car insurance: full coverage of the value of the car, with a new replacement car of the same make, model and features in the event of a total loss of the car

Natural disasters: covers damage to the vehicle due to storms, floods, etc.

Fire and theft coverage: This covers the damage caused to the vehicle due to fire or theft

Scratch repair: covers the cost of scratches without the need to re-paint

Windshield Repair: Covers the cost of repairing or replacing a windshield if it is broken or damaged

Locksmith Replacement: Covers the cost of replacing locks if your vehicle keys are stolen or lost

3. Luxury car insurance

Luxury car insurance is a special category for more expensive cars. This category includes companies such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bentley and Rolls-Royce cars

The main difference between regular comprehensive car insurance and luxury car insurance is the price. The higher the value of your car, the more it will cost you to insure. Some insurance companies consider these cars to be very risky, for several reasons: the generally high price, the high cost of spare parts, the high risk of collision due to the enormous engine power, and also the high rates of theft.

There are two main types of luxury cars: high performance cars often called coupes like Ferrari and Aston Martin, and high value cars like Rolls Royce and Bentley. High performance car insurance is usually more expensive than high cost auto insurance, mostly because of its higher speeds. Of course, you'll want full coverage for a luxury car, due to the cost of parts and the risk of theft

The special coverages that you should see in your luxury car insurance are:

Collision coverage, and comprehensive insurance

Personal injury protection

Insurance for a new replacement car or its cash value


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