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A consultation on health insurance, which is the most prominent electronic service launched by the Cooperative Health Insurance Center in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to make it easier for citizens and residents in the Kingdom to consult online about the various services instead of access the headquarters of the ministries and wait on waiting lists, which is a risk to the health of people visiting in light of the spread of the Corona virus, and therefore, for the sake of facilitation, has taking advantage of the technological development provided by the Kingdom by transferring the services of many ministries to electronic services and inquiring about them remotely, and then we explain the methods of consultation on health insurance.

Health insurance

It is a package of health services through which some of the health care expenses are borne by Saudi citizens and residents of the Kingdom, especially since many categories of the population of the Kingdom do not help them with their economic conditions. They bear the costs of treatment in hospitals. A group without others, or government institutions, without private or private institutions, but for everyone, in order to preserve the life and health of the population and their access to medical services compatible with their various satisfactory needs.

Health insurance consultation service

It is an electronic service provided by the Council of Health Insurance Cooperatives through which you can inquire about the status of health insurance, verify its validity and identify the insurance company that issued it, through a series of simple and straightforward steps, namely:

  1. Press the button to enter the service
  2. Enter the national identity number, residence number or border number according to the data that was used to issue the insurance policy.
  3. Enter the verification code shown in the image
  4. Click ok

You will then see information about the health insurance inquiry, whether valid or not, the company that issued it, and other important information.

Find out about health insurance through the Absher platform

Through the Absher platform of the Ministry of the Interior, which is fully electronically linked to all ministries and official institutions of the Kingdom, it is possible to achieve the status of health insurance inquiries and its various details such as renewal, issuance or any health service provided for health insurance, through the following steps

  1. Login to the Absher platform from the recipient's internet browser
  2. Click on the staff field
  3. Enter username, password, and verification code
  4. Complete the login process
  5. Go to electronic services and choose to request information about health insurance
  6. Fill in the identification number or residence number of the beneficiary
  7. Enter the visible symbol shown
  8. Then click View
  9. After waiting a while, a message appears informing the status of the health insurance, if it is valid or needs to be renewed.

Thus, we have completed all the information on medical insurance and its consultation mechanisms within the electronic services, either from the Cooperative Council of Health Insurance or through the Absher platform, which is electronically linked to the different Kingdom ministries.