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 Health insurance in Qatar

Qatar's social health insurance system

The social health insurance system provides compulsory basic health insurance coverage for citizens, residents and visitors in Qatar, and represents an important pillar in achieving the national health strategy in Qatar with the aim of guaranteeing medical care for all, as well as the freedom to choose a service provider from different healthcare providers in the public and private sectors.

The importance of this ambitious system is one of the main pillars of Qatar's national vision that the health of the population is one of the main factors in building a successful and prosperous country. As such, access to high-quality health care services is crucial to ensuring that citizens enjoy good health, in line with the overall vision of advancing the health care sector in Qatar within the National Health Strategy.

The social health insurance system comes to put Qatar at the forefront of countries seeking to implement global initiatives aimed at implementing a global health insurance system, within the framework of the efforts undertaken by the United Nations and the World Organization of Health, which call on member states to implement global health insurance as one of the important factors in achieving Development.

Social health insurance law

Law No. (7) of 2013 on the Social Health Insurance System entered into force on July 17, 2013 with the objective of providing basic health care services to everyone in the State of Qatar. The various articles of the law cover the issue of service provision, responsibility for paying premiums, and fines for violating the law.

Health card

A state-issued health card must be obtained to take advantage of health services provided at government-run health care facilities, including hospitals. The health card system provides citizens and residents with a range of high-quality and compatible healthcare services.

Expats living in the State of Qatar must first obtain a residence permit before submitting a health card application.

Private insurance

Residents of the State of Qatar must obtain private health insurance in order to benefit from health services provided outside of government-run facilities. Quality facilities and private clinics are located throughout Qatar.

Many companies offer health insurance for their employees, as insurance companies offer comprehensive plans to meet the diverse needs of their clients, ranging from basic to primary coverage and from regional to international coverage, for the following categories:

  • Individuals
  • Families
  • Groups (companies, social clubs and sports teams)
  • Travel
  • Teachers working abroad

If you are looking for a service provider from one of the private insurance companies operating in Qatar, please pay attention to the following information:

  1. Does it cover pre-existing medical conditions?
  2. Are there additional fees for occupational hazards?
  3. Are there limits to a specific treatment per year?
  4. Are there restrictions on the number of days a person can spend in the hospital?
  5. Are there restrictions on the age covered by insurance?
  6. Does the specialty cover women, childbirths and teeth?
  7. Doesn't "international coverage" include countries like the United States or Canada, where the cost of services is higher?