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What is Bahrain health insurance

Bahrain health insurance

Your Guide to Bahrain Health Insurance

The Kingdom of Bahrain is an archipelago country made up of 33 islands. Despite its small population, it is considered one of the fastest and most developed economic centers in the Gulf, thanks to its huge oil reserves and low level of corruption, and attracts crowds of expats to travel or work in the country.

If you move or travel to Bahrain, you will definitely have many questions related to the National Health Insurance System and its health care system. This short guide below provides a sensual overview of the beneficial knowledge of health care and insurance in Bahrain. Read on for more information, or click the button below for a free, no-obligation quote.

Mandatory health insurance in Bahrain

General health insurance

Like other Gulf countries, Bahrain currently applies compulsory health insurance to all of its citizens, as well as to expatriates and some visitors. This law requires all Bahraini citizens, residents and some visitors to pay monthly contributions to a health insurance fund to access health services in public and private hospitals and health centers.

There will be two types of health insurance in Bahrain: one for Bahraini citizens and the other for residents and visitors. The government will be responsible for Bahraini contributions to compulsory health insurance, while employers will be responsible for financing expatriates. Through this dedicated health insurance fund, Bahraini citizens can obtain voluntary health insurance packages, which cover 60% of the costs of private sector hospitals or facilities. Foreign visitors will also be covered for emergency medical care, but as a result the cost of visas will increase.

Private health insurance

If you are an expatriate and do not work within Bahrain, you will have to pay for any medical treatment either out of pocket or through your international health insurance provider. The public health system will not provide any health emergencies that must arise and that require immediate attention. Because health care costs for non-Bahraini citizens are somewhat costly, it is recommended that you obtain a private health insurance policy during your stay in the country to cover possible medical expenses.

It is also important to make sure that your health insurance plan covers the emergency evacuation. If you are lucky enough to have a serious illness, you may need to move to another country for additional treatment. The benefit of an emergency evacuation can protect you from the heavy financial burden.

Bahrain's public and private health systems

The quality of medical care provided by facilities in Bahrain is generally high, or at least equal to that of the United States and Western Europe. The country has 24 health centers, three clinics, a multidisciplinary medical center (Salmaniya Medical Complex), a psychiatric hospital, a hospital for the elderly, and four maternity centers. In all the major cities and towns of Bahrain, there is at least one modern hospital, with highly trained staff and modern equipment.

The types of health centers available in Bahrain include public, private and military. Some poor cities may have older facilities, but they are still sufficient to provide acceptable care for your medical needs. When you receive care in a private hospital, you will generally be treated in a room rather than a ward. Meanwhile, some high-end private hospitals offer 5-star hotel care, but this, of course, comes at a hefty price. Some of the most popular medical facilities in Bahrain include the Bahrain International Hospital, the American Mission Hospital and the Bahrain Specialist Hospital.

With a variety of facilities available to Bahraini citizens and expats, overcrowding rarely occurs in medical facilities. The main hospitals and clinics are open 24 hours a day and provide service on a first-come, first-served basis. Both Arabic and English are spoken in all of these facilities, and English is standard in private facilities, as approximately 25% of the population are expatriates and routinely treat foreign patients.

How to find the best medical insurance in Bahrain

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