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best Android apps 2020

With each passing year, our phones seem to play an evolutionary role in our lives. Since our needs change too, our smart device offerings must be, and not all required tools and tasks are immediately available. To unlock possible real phones, you will need the best apps. From the most popular versions of Android to the best budget phones, it takes just a few clicks to place a direct purchase order, stream local news, or play a fun new game. If you're looking to be really fancy, you can even connect with people too.

Most of these great features aren't preloaded on the latest Android device, and the tools aren't expected to do everything, so you'll need apps to get the most out of your phone. Which applications should you choose? There are millions of apps to choose from in the Google Play Store, and the decision to download and install on your Android phone or tablet can be a bit tedious. Fortunately, we took advantage of the matter and compiled an eclectic set of apps that combined a robust set of apps that everyone should find useful with some of the lesser-known apps that you might want to try.

Android basics

Facebook social networking site

Could 2 billion people be wrong? The largest social network on the planet has a decent official app. Keep up to date with your friends and family, jump to instant chats and stay informed with push notifications. Best of all, Facebook is not just a place to share stolen content from Reddit and Twitter, as the world's largest social networking site has been pushed to the dating, shopping and video sections. Combine it with Messenger for the best dual performance.


Well, maybe you already have YouTube, but that doesn't make it necessary. The YouTube mobile app is stylish and intuitive, making the entire video sharing site in the palm of your hand. For YouTube Premium subscribers, you will be able to access all the premium content, as well as special features like playing audio while the screen is off.


Sometimes unfairly viewed as the minor version of Facebook, Twitter is where it all seems to happen right away. The birthplace of the Internet interface is everywhere now, the hashtag, Twitter is the best place you can be if you want to stay on top of the latest breaking news. Follow your favorite creators, actors or fools, and follow all the news, impressions and opinions as they appear.

Google Opinion Rewards

It is the best secret in Play Store, but it is a secret that you should know. Google Opinion Rewards are exactly what they seem: they give you rewards for your opinions. Specifically, he will ask you questions about places you've visited or about yourself, and answer questions to get Play Store credit. If you're not worried about giving away more data, this is a great way to earn a little extra cash for apps.

Movies and videos


Netflix is ​​not one of the best video streaming services; It is a video transmission service. There is a large selection of movies and television shows for subscribers and the performance is smooth. Not only are they the old favorites, Netflix has produced a huge amount of exclusive premium content, although if you like it you'll restart Office again. This is as much fun as you can get from just $ 9 a month, or $ 16 a month if you want to access 4K content.

Disney +

If you're looking for something from Disney, Star Wars, Marvel, or National Geographic, the only place you can go is Disney +. The app lets you stream everything from the latest Avengers movies to the exotic Disney Channel shows you used to watch when you were a teenager. There's a free seven-day trial, and it will cost you $ 7 a month after that, though you can pay $ 70 a year in advance to save $ 14.


Hulu is the place to go if you want to watch the latest episodes of thousands of shows or movies or follow some old classics. Running shows are updated while streaming, while here you can also watch live sports. Hulu offers several subscription models, including one that unlocks the streaming library entirely for $ 6 a month and one that removes the average streaming ads for $ 12 a month. If you're looking to cut the cable, Hulu also offers Live TV with DVR starting at $ 61 per month.

Amazon Prime Video

These days, all the content in the world seems to be insufficient to satisfy those of us who suddenly find ourselves having much more time to watch a new show or movie at home. Amazon Prime offers a number of great originals on its streaming platform, which also functions as a large base of operations for its all-round face. Prime Video also allows you to add all your favorite subscription channels to your feed.


No, this is not a sushi app, whether for guilty pleasure, or a complete obsession, or somewhere in between, anime explodes in popularity around the world. If you like to dive into the latest series, or just curious, Crunchyroll is your gateway to anime paradise. She has the latest anime episodes, airing just an hour from Japan, and there is a huge selection of series to choose from. The monthly subscription for ad-free access and the latest episodes is only $ 8 a month, though it currently offers a 14-day free trial.

Music and sound


Spotify might be the first name you can think of when you consider streaming music. This is for a very good reason, perhaps one of the best streaming services out there. There's a huge selection of music on offer, from the latest mega releases to some dangerously mysterious genres: Parrot-faced Death Metal, anyone? There is a free version if you want to try it, but if you want to listen without ads, download music and play any song and have an unlimited number of designs, you must subscribe for $ 10 a month, although Spotify offers a generous three-month free trial. Spotify also offers a family housing plan for $ 15 a month and a student account at a reduced cost of $ 5 a month.


If you're looking for an all-you-can-eat audio buffet with no ads and no subscription fees, you'll find it. You can discover new music and stream it from the cloud, but this is not a replacement for Spotify: Most of the music on Soundcloud is from relatively unknown artists, and if you can't find it on Spotify, you'll probably find it here. Listen for free, with professional versions of SoundCloud, mainly by the artists themselves. It's not just about music, as you'll also find plenty of podcasts here. Great addition to another music streaming service.


Bandcamp is the place to go if you prefer to support your favorite artists directly. The Bandcamp mobile app lets you stream the music you bought and played from artists who make a living on Bandcamp, and you can also browse and buy new music. If you're a fan of a specific Bandcamp artist, this is also a great way to follow tabs.

Google play music

Google's official streaming service is a worthy competitor to Spotify. The app not only provides a large library of content, but also allows users to upload up to 50,000 of their songs for online storage. So if you had a bunch of MP3 files before the days when streaming was the usual way to consume music, upload them to Google Play Music and stream them from any of your portable devices. Be careful, this is not long for this world.

Apple music

If you use a Mac or iPad on top of an Android phone, better service can be provided with Apple Music through Google Play Music or Spotify. Apple Music provides access to the huge Apple Music Library, as well as the Apple Beats 1 radio station, which plays both current and upcoming songs. Famous DJ songs and exclusive album streaming are an added bonus, but you'll have to subscribe before you can listen. There is no free layer, so you will have to pay $ 10 a month.


The New York Times

One of the most popular US publications Contains one of the best news apps. The New York Times app organizes the publication's content in a clean format and allows users to personalize their news feed, and comes with breaking news alerts to get the most important news as it happens.

Vice news

If you prefer journalism that tends to Gonzo, Weiss offers its powerful library of written video content in a sleek, easy-to-navigate app. The app includes estimated reading times, so time-constrained users can prioritize articles to meet their deadlines.

NPR News

The official application of the National Public Radio offers a constant flow of live reports, both printed and audio. Users can not only listen to news reports but also various programs like All Things Conseed and Radiolab.

The Washington Post Select

One of America's most notable newspapers has a beautiful mobile app, with live images and colorful menus. The content is also top-notch, especially incisive political reporting. However, the application requires subscription.

News from google

Although it seems that it was not thought, the Google News application is a recommendation that is worth it, thanks to its intelligent structure and its varied source of news. Google News collects news from sources around the world, so you will likely find your favorite news source from home in your catalog.


Have you ever felt that there are many new features to keep you up to date? Nwsty may be the right app for you. It is intended for those who do not read news frequently, and makes it easy to keep up to date with daily headlines without spending too much time on them. Every day, you get six to 10 titles in the digest that you can read quickly and easily in just a few minutes.


Strafe Esports

If your favorite Sports League isn't in the season or is back in the air, descend on the Bunny Pit on eSports. Strafe covers all the most popular leagues and teams, from League of Legends to Counter-Strike and everything in between. You can keep up with the latest tournaments while reading all the more detailed statistics.

The Score

Whatever your excitement, from NASCAR to the NFL, TheScore will make you dance to victory or cry in your beer. It offers you the latest landings, targets, and home running when they happen.


Installing the official ESPN app is something that no sports fan can think of. You can quickly get the latest news on your favorite teams and championships, including MLB, NFL, NCAA, MLS, NHL, and more.

CBS Sports

The CBS Sports app not only contains the latest news, rankings, and results for all major league sports, you can also watch live games and events like NCAA Basketball and PGA Tour, as well as original CBS Sports programming like Fantasy Football Today.