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The 10 best Google Doodles you can play include some fun obstacles

The 10 best Google Doodles

You can find plenty of games to play online, but after spending an hour or two with free computer games, you'll need a few new options. If you're looking for individual games that you haven't tried yet, you can check out some of these games that appeared on Google Doodles, also known as cartoon animation on the Google homepage.

If you're looking for a game to play that doesn't require a long setup or a game console, Google Doodle Games is the answer. All you need to get started is a computer, a phone, and a stable internet connection. You can play all the Google Doodle games on the desktop, most of them also work well on your smartphone. If you use a computer, you will use the mouse (or touchpad) and keyboard arrows for most games. In the smartphone's Internet browser, you will click and press instead.

Some of these games are over 10 years old, so you can expect a good dose of nostalgia while searching for options. To browse Google Doodle game files, go to the interactive section of the Google Doodle page. These are some of the best options that you can put in the "Play" menu.

1. Rubik's Cube

A Rubik's cube appeared as Google Doodle on May 19, 2014. It takes a few clicks to figure out how to move pieces in this digital cube: colors only move horizontally, but you can click to rotate the cube on both sides and move pieces in this way. Check if you can solve it by playing here.

2. hip hop rhythms

Google released this interactive Doodle game in honor of Hip Hop's 44th anniversary on August 11, 2017. When you start playing, there is a video introduction to the history of hip hop, then the game begins. Once it starts, you can mix your own rhythms.

3. crossword

Google Doodle celebrated its 100th anniversary of crossword puzzles on December 21, 2013 in this game. Test your knowledge with the Google Doodle crossword.

4. "Academy of the Magical Cat"

Google Doodle for Halloween 2016 introduced a game called Magic Cat Academy, where Momo follows a black cat trying to save the School of Magic through interactive challenges that you can help with. Although Halloween ends, you can still get your game.

5. Basketball

Capture some virtual necklaces with this Google Doodle game. Google introduced a basketball game on August 8, 2012. To play, click, tap, or use the space bar to aim and shoot.

6. "Pac-Man"

Google released this doodle for the 30th anniversary of the classic arcade game on May 21, 2010. Always feel nostalgic as you guide Pac-Man around the map, eating as many Pac-Dots as you can, before they catch you.

7. "The Pony Express"

Pony Express Google Doodle appeared on April 14, 2015, in honor of the 155th anniversary of Pony Express, a riding mailbox system that started on April 3, 1860. The game features nice animation as you ride on your safe horse, picking up As many letters, Avoid obstacles like cacti, fences, rocks and more as you cross the Old West.

8. Soccer

In Google Doodle of August 10, 2012, you are the goalkeeper and you must act quickly to keep these soccer balls out of your goal.

9. Hurdles

Another sports-inspired game, the Doodle game from August 7, 2012, lets you jump over obstacles like a track and field using the keyboard keys. This game does not work well on your smartphone.

10. "Lutria"

Google has given the classic Mexican card game a virtual launch with this Google Doodle game as of December 9, 2009. If you haven't played Lottery before, it presents an easy tutorial to guide you through the first beta version.