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SF business owners await clarification on what's "unnecessary" in latest COVID-19 shutdown

SF business owners await clarification on what's "unnecessary" in latest COVID-19

SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX) - Most San Francisco Bay Area counties fell on the California COVID-19 watch list due to high infection and hospitalization rates. The only exceptions to date are the provinces of Santa Cruz and San Mateo. On Friday, the mayor of San Francisco in London became the latest strain by the mayor of the Gulf region to announce a slowdown in the reopening, but some business owners are unsure whether they will open on Monday or close.

It has been 122 days since San Francisco first launched its housing request. Some companies have started to reopen but now the city is backing down.

"The news of this last stage of closing things," says Sarah Larson, owner of "Often Wander in the Mission." I found out that retail could be next. "

Larson is not surprised that San Francisco is tightening policies to curb the spread of the coronavirus, but she doesn't know exactly what the city means by closing "unnecessary offices" and what it means for its gift shop.

"Yes, I don't know if it fits that." Larson says, "In the last shutdown, we didn't fall into this category as far as we know, the core business category."

The mayor said the new restrictions will take effect on Monday.

Many business owners are still waiting for clarification on what to close in that "unnecessary" language. The mayor memorized her strongest language in the case of the Masks.

"If you choose not to wear the mask on the way out, you're delaying our reopening further," Post said. "If you are grilling and acting irresponsibly, you are preventing children from going back to school. You are forcing parents to stay home from work or miss shifts at work because you are not taking the basic steps to reduce this epidemic. More importantly Still, it puts people's lives at risk. "