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Igalo's dream of the FA Cup semifinals 2016

Odeon Igalo of Manchester United will take advantage of the pain he lost in the 2016 FA Cup final as fuel in Sunday's semi-final match with Chelsea.

The forward had four heartaches four years ago when he played with Watford, who was defeated 2-1 by Crystal Palace to miss a great match with his current club United.

Igalo, borrowed from Old Trafford in Shanghai Shenhua, described it as a "bitter" experience and is desperate to avoid repeating it at Wembley this weekend.

"It was difficult fighting Crystal Palace, we lost 2-1 at Wembley," the 31-year-old told MUTV. "If we had won, we would have played United in the final."

"Unfortunately, we lost. It was a bitter game we had to take, but this is an opportunity once again in the FA Cup semi-finals to do well and advance to the final."

"If they call me, I will do my best to help the team win the game."

"Everyone wants to play against teams like Chelsea, the great teams, and to play well against them, and above all, to play at Wembley, and you know that if you win, you are in the final."

"Then of course it will make you want to fight harder and make sure everything comes along to win the game."

"Making it to the final will be great for me in my life and my career. I missed the opportunity in 2016 and now I have a chance to make it to the final match with the club that I have supported throughout my life."

"It will make my dreams perfect. It will be difficult, but we have what it takes."

United have beaten Frank Lampard three times this season, but Igalo, who scored in the quarterfinal victory over Norwich City, is not taken for granted.

"We have defeated them three times this season, I think, once in the Carabao Cup and twice in the league, and now we are playing them in the semifinals," he said.

"All those games don't count. This is a different game that will be more difficult without the fans on the field."

"We have to fight from the first minute to the end. It is always difficult for them, but I think it is with the quality and the momentum that we have now, we are ready to beat any team."