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Dubai expat health insurance

Dubai health insurance

Health insurance is essential for people residing in Dubai. There are two ways or options to benefit from medical insurance in Dubai. The first is to get a government health insurance card, and the other is a private health insurance card.

How to get health insurance in Dubai as an expat?

If you are someone planning to move to Dubai, here are the ways you can get guaranteed health insurance in Dubai.

Buy it online

Today, with technology gaining importance in our daily lives, buying health insurance is easy. A quick and processed search will show you details of well-known expat insurance providers in Dubai, where you can compare plans and buy the plan that best suits your needs.

However, this process cannot fully insure your online health insurance in Dubai. Since health insurance is linked to Visa and because obtaining health insurance requires your medical history, you should contact a sales consultant to complete the entire process.

Trusted websites have comparison tools inside so if you need a site quote, a sales consultant can contact you directly.

Approach the insurance company directly

This is the second method that must be followed to insure your health insurance. There are many insurance companies in Dubai that provide you with the best medical insurance legally.

This may sound like a good way to get your health insurance, but it takes a long time at the same time if you have to find out the best insurance for you and your family from a number of plans available.

Consult a broker

You can also get your Dubai health insurance by going to the mediators. In Dubai, most of the brokers you find are the brokers who can provide you with a large number of health insurance companies that suit you.

The main benefit of contacting a health insurance broker is that they generally have contacts with more than one insurance company and with almost all insurance companies in Dubai. This means that they can offer you on the market depending on your coverage needs and help you discover insurance companies that may not be found if you search for the insurance company yourself.

If you are an organization employee

If you work for an employer in Dubai, it is the responsibility of the employee to obtain insurance for families and dependents. This means that although the employee's health card is provided, additional coverage must be applied to obtain insurance for the family and dependents.

Some employers can support families and dependents, while others cannot.

Insurance by private insurance companies

Most companies in Dubai provide health insurance to the organization's workers. If you find that insurance does not meet expectations, go to the highest premium account for services from a broader network of hospitals and clinics.

You can find private insurance companies by contacting health insurance brokers like UMD (UAE Medical Insurance) to help you choose a personal, family or group insurance plan according to your current needs and needs.

Since a health card is required for medical insurance in Dubai, this is one way to obtain it in Dubai.

Obtaining the health card in Dubai

The Dubai Health Authority provides a health card, and to obtain a health card, you must apply for a health card from the Dubai Health Authority. To obtain treatment in Dubai hospitals, you must obtain a health card issued by the Dubai Health Authority and you can obtain treatment at Rashid Hospital, Latifa Hospital and all other government hospitals and clinics in Dubai. You can visit Dubai Health Authority health centers to apply for a health card.

The documents you need to bring

  • A copy of a valid residence visa.
  • Emirates ID.
  • Two passport photos.
  • lease.
  • Registration form to request a new health card.

How do you use your health card in Dubai?

If the use of the medical card is limited to your network, the process is simple because it only includes going to the hospital reception area, completing the application form and sending the medical card.

If there is any treatment that requires prior approval, the clinic will help you with that. Once the treatment is complete, you will get a printed record of the treatment and your complete hospital visit.

If your insurance requires you to pay the deduction and metal insurance fees, it can be paid at the end of your visit.

If you seek medical help outside of your network, you must pay the treatment fee according to the terms of that clinic and then obtain a request for payment.

This may not be a problem as you can obtain a primary insurance application form and submit it online once it is completed.

Emergency medical treatment in Dubai

If someone needs emergency medical treatment, they should call 999. The ambulance will arrive at your location and direct you to the preferred hospital or government hospital. Once your condition is balanced, you can transfer to the other hospital depending on the need of the situation.

Why is medical insurance required in Dubai?

There have been many cases in the past where people ended up paying a large sum for their treatments. Hospitals and other clinics in Dubai will generally not reject anyone who comes to them for medical treatment, nor will they allow them to stay in the hospital until the bill is paid.

That is why it is essential and beneficial for you to renew your health insurance to avoid paying large medical bills or staying in the hospital after long hours of treatment.

All Dubai residents, including expatriates, must have compulsory health insurance as the absence of health insurance may result in non-issuance of a visa or renewal of the visa if you already reside in Dubai.

Things you should know while having health insurance in Dubai

  • Always make sure that the medical insurance you get is applicable not only in Dubai but also in other Emirates.
  • Make sure the network clinics are comfortable for you to visit and receive treatment.
  • If you visit clinics outside of your network, you may have to pay the full cost of the treatment and you can claim a refund of up to 80%.
  • Childhood vaccinations are generally included in the general medical coverage you receive with insurance.
  • If you are planning to visit vacation spots outside Dubai, please consider that international or international health insurance is mandatory.
  • When it comes to medical coverage of teeth or optics, it depends on the options that you and your employer must share.
  • If you are born in Dubai, you must also have maternity insurance coverage.
  • If medical coverage has improved, coverage features may include Lasik medical surgery, vitamins, cosmetic procedures, infertility treatment, psychotherapy, and other homeopathic treatments, acupuncture, etc.
  • You will also have access to English speaking call centers around the clock, seven days a week when you are abroad with improved medical coverage.
  • If you go to a mediator to get your health insurance, they always go to the licensed broker because the unlicensed broker may not provide you with a good insurance company that meets your needs.


If you are an expat looking for health insurance in Dubai, following the procedures and rules above will guide you so that you have a good understanding of that.