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Feyenoord gaat gedroomde spits Giménez spoedig presenteren!
admin 25 July 2022
Alles wijst erop dat Santiago Jiménez de nieuwe spits van Feyenoord wordt. Dat wordt maandag in Mexico gemeld. De zaakwaarnemer van Giménez,...
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Saudi Arabia adopts the first insurance product for self-driving cars
admin 22 November 2021
On Sunday, the Central Bank of Saudi Arabia announced the adoption of the first insurance product to cover autonomous vehicles and the risks...
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Travel insurance UAE: 5 Things to know before packing your bags
admin 15 November 2021
Most of us think that travel insurance is just extra money that travel agencies put on clients and that it can be a waste of money. You shou...
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How to plan 4 Financial Stages of Life?
admin 10 November 2021
Each person goes through different stages of his life where he needs more money than others and that is why it is important to have a financ...
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How does Mortgage Insurance work in UAE?
admin 06 November 2021
Insurance is a financial instrument that needs no introduction. As the name suggests, mortgage insurance provides financial security to the ...
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Healthcare in Saudi Arabia 2021
admin 01 November 2021
How does the health system work in Saudi Arabia? The government provides free public health services to Saudi citizens and public sector emp...
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Bitcoin Price Prediction 2021 UK
admin 24 October 2021
Bitcoin price prediction Analysts at Fundstrat Global Advisors have predicted that the price of Bitcoin could rise to $ 168,000 (£ 122,000) ...
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Why are there several types of Bitcoin? And what is the difference between them?
admin 19 October 2021
Despite their names, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin Diamond, Bitcoin Private, and other digital currencies are not identical to Bitcoin...
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